If you were thinking that a hookah was a perfectly safe device or at least safer then smoking regular cigarettes, then you need to think twice and you may also have to reconsider your decision. There have been several instances wherein people who smoke cigarettes have started to reduce their hookah consumption and have begun smoking water filled pipes instead, which supply nicotine. They are under the impression that hookah would prove to be a safer alternative as compared to smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, reality is something else and the fact remains that people who do so are simply unable to fathom the pressure hookah is going to add onto their lungs. As per research studies, if you are habitual of smoking a hookah for an hour a day, then undoubtedly you are also inhaling the same amount of carbon monoxide which you would have done while smoking an entire pack of regular cigarettes.


As per chairwomen at the University of California, S. Katharine Hammond is of the opinion that smoking a hookah is as dangerous to your lungs as smoking a pack of regular cigarettes. Apparently, she is also of the opinion that hookah is considered a risk free activity. Nonetheless, this is not at all the truth and this myth needs to be done away with at the earliest given opportunity. Hookah smoking is quite similar to smoking bongs, which are widely used with regards to marijuana smoking and hookahs are these days fairly popular across the globe. Nowadays, several hookah bars as well as joints have opened shop, thereby attracting people from all walks of lives, especially youngsters into smoking hookah on a regular basis.

One of the main reasons why people consider hookah smoking to be relatively safe is simply because hookah smoke travels through water and this is why it is considered to be safe. Apparently, water is not at all a filtering element and it does nothing to reduce the level of toxins in a hookah. Hence, people who are habitual of smoking hookah need to be doubly sure before starting out and they need to understand as well as realize that this is an equally toxic activity as is smoking a regular cigarette. As per another study, it has been revealed that as many as 28% of all freshmen in college have tried their hand at hookah smoking. In fact, studies have claimed that the level of carbon monoxide which was emitting from the mouths of hookah smokers was much more than the carbon monoxide levels emitting from the mouths of a cigarette smoker. A single cigarette emits 17 parts per million whereas a hookah forces forty two parts per million of the highly toxic carbon monoxide gas, which in turn is exhaled by the concerned smoker.

As per Thomas Eissenberg, who also happens to be the psychology professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University, “A forty five minute hookah session produces 36 times more tar as compared to when an individual is smoking a regular cigarette.” Well, this fact clearly explains that smoking hookah is undoubtedly more dangerous than smoking a regular tobacco laden cigar. This is also one of the main reasons why people who are habitual of smoking hookah are susceptible of contracting cancer. In fact, the device itself can be fairly infectious and cause several chronic infections to the concerned individual. This is one of the main reasons why people should ideally avoid smoking hookah or cigarettes and adopt electronic cigarettes instead. As per expert opinions, an e cigarette is smokeless and free from tobacco and it also manages to satisfy the nicotine urge of the concerned individual in a perfect and flawless manner. Electric cigarettes are also a cheaper alternative, enabling the concerned individual to save over 75% of the original cost and they can also be freely smoked in public places.