Several studies that have been officially funded by the USDA as well as the FDA have categorically stated that nicotine is essential for your health. As per research studies, a human being requires a certain amount of nicotine through the means of his diet or supplements, to manage the smooth functioning of his body. In case you have a nicotine deficiency, your body would not be able to fulfill the basic as well as complex mitochondrial functions. This in turn would leave you prone to several diseases that could have been avoided if your nicotine levels were kept up to the mark.

electronic cigarette and nicotine

As per several studies, eggplant, pepper as well as tomatoes have been known to contain high amounts of nicotine and are always consumed by human beings in large quantities. In fact, peanuts, lettuce, mushrooms, tuna, salmon and mustard are known to contain high amounts of nicotine acid as well. This acid is required to convert carbohydrates into sugar, so that your body has enough fuel to carry out all its basic as well as advanced functions in an effective manner. Unless your body has enough of nicotine content, you would feel lazy, weak and can fall prey to several diseases that are directly or indirectly related to a weak immune system.

The Crohns’ Disease is supposed to be the most common disease which affects individuals who do not have adequate nicotine content in their bodies. Nonetheless, there are certain government agencies which feel that electronic cigarettes are not so good for your health. This is because e cigarettes contain nicotine. Well, how about foods which contain nicotine? In that case, even tomatoes and peanuts should be considered harmful for the human body? But is this true? Of course, it is not true. If this statement is to be believed, then all plants which fall under the category of nightshade vegetation would be considered harmful for your health. This would be rather hilarious! In such a scenario, you would have to stop eating mushrooms and tomatoes. Even eggplants would be banned from your diet. How amusing!

Electronic cigarettes are free from tobacco and hence, they are definitely safer than regular cigarettes. Besides, e cigs do not produce smoke. This is because they do not require a match but operate on electronically charged batteries which ignite the liquid nicotine cartridge. While smoking an e cigarette, you have the choice for choosing your nicotine level. You may choose from 0mg nicotine e cigarette to a 36mg nicotine strength cartridge. So, undoubtedly, an electronic cigarette is completely safe for those who love smoking and wish to maintain adequate nicotine levels in their body for remaining fit and healthy.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and wish to steer clear of all the fatal diseases that are linked to tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting best e cigarettes.