The concept of roll your own cigarettes had started picking speed in the United States of America as it was a cheaper and a more fruitful option as compared to the traditional smoking methodology, when the United States government decided to put a stop to it’s rampant popularity by choking its growth. It has been predicted that President Obama is all set to sign a bill this Friday, which in turn would ensure that all kinds of tobacco manufacturing procedures, which in turn include roll your own tobacco, to be considered at the same market price. If such a bill is actually signed, then the fact remains that the savings on roll your own tobacco, would simply cease to exist. The special tobacco rolling machine is known to produce over two hundred cigarettes in a matter of a few minutes.


Also termed as the Federal Highway Bill, the act is all set to ensure that the taxes on cigarettes, whether the cigarette has been manufactured using the usual process or via the roll your own cigarette mechanism, would remain the same. This in turn would ensure that any savings on roll your own cigarette would be completely nullified. Last month, in the state of Illinois, the government had decided to increase the taxes on those cigarettes which were manufactured using the roll your cigarette machines. Apparently, this is what triggered the new bill, which if signed by President Obama, may put the business of rolling your own cigarette out of order.


Owing to the proposed increase in the taxation of cigarettes that are manufactured with the aid of the rolling process, many such entrepreneurs who had earlier indulged in this practice are deciding to shut their shops and opt for a more lucrative profession. As per several vendors, a roll your own cigarette machine is known to cost approximately $33,000, which in turn is a high initial expenditure for many. Nonetheless, the profits reaped from such a venture are lucrative in the longer run, owing to which, many businessmen had opted for this venture in the first place. With the aid of this special machine, customers can select their choicest tobacco and then roll them into cigarettes in a matter of few minutes.


People who have abstained from smoking regular cigarettes, owing to the very simple reason that they were getting more and more expensive, had started to opt for the rolled versions instead. Nonetheless, ever since a proposed hike in taxes is in the air, the popularity of personally rolled cigarettes seems to be in the verge of a massive collapse.