Ronnie Wood, as most music enthusiasts may be aware, is a world famous guitarist who rose to fame when he played the strings for the Rolling Stones group. While this legendary guitarist has been associated with several top notch performances throughout his career, the fact remains that his habit of smoking recently cost him the best newcomer award at Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards function. What actually happened was that as he sat along with the other invitees, he felt an urge to smoke, which ideally meant that he would have to step out to smoke his cigarette. So acting on impulse, he quickly stepped out and smoked his cherished cigarette.

In the meanwhile, the best newcomer award was presented to him and on seeing him not present in the venue, the authorities got frantic and looked around for him. Some even gave him calls on his phone but apparently he was busy smoking and couldn’t pick his calls. Owing to this, the award committee decided to present the award to his friend Christian O’Connell, who seemed equally amused on seeing his colleague amiss at such a crucial time while being present all the while. He stepped on the stage and apologized on his behalf stating that Ronnie would not be able to collect the award.

Once Ronnie had finished his cigarette, he walked back inside and was shocked when he realized that he had indeed missed his award. Much to his embarrassment, he could do nothing much but accept the award from his friend, which apparently was duly delivered to him after the ceremony was complete. Nonetheless, Ronnie Wood could easily have been saved from such an embarrassing moment had he had the presence of mind to use an electronic cigarette instead.

Had Ronnie smoked an e cigarette, he would have never missed his award, as you can legally smoke an electronic cigarette within the public premises.