The debate whether tobacco products should be permitted during parties as well as other events held in county parks is to be permitted or banned completely, is an ongoing affair in the Cowan County. Apparently, most passive smokers who have yet to smoke a single cigarette are against the use of tobacco products. On the other hand, smokers are of the opinion that tobacco products should be permitted within the county premises. The Board of Commissioners in the Rowan County was proposing a ban on the use of tobacco products within the county parks and even the county buildings. During the meeting, which is scheduled to take place soon, it shall be determined whether the use of tobacco products should be permitted within all county owned parks or banned permanently.

According to Gary Page, who also happens to be the County Manager, “Banning the use of tobacco products is a feasible option as the consumption of tobacco within the park’s premises can cause serious damage to the overall health of the smoker as well as other individuals who frequent the park.” Gary Page is a regular visitor and is known to take frequent strolls in the county parks. “It is not only the highly toxic fumes which emit from lit cigarettes that are a cause of concern in public parks. Apparently, the litter which is left behind in the form of cigarettes butts and ash is equally responsible for littering public property.” He added.

Scarlett Johns, who often visits the park along with her two children, claims that a ban on the use of tobacco products is completely justified. She further goes on to say that her one year old daughter has often tried eating cigarette butts lying on the ground and her two year old son can be seen imitating smokers who frequent the park on a regular basis. “What bothers me even more is the fact that cigarette butts are often lying on the ground and smokers do not even bother putting them in the garbage cans. They simply throw them on the grass and litter the park. I certainly do not want to see my son place discarded cigarette butts in his mouth and imitate smokers.”

The first park in the county to have introduced a ban on smoking cigarettes within its premises happens to be the Dan Nicholas Park. Over here, people are permitted to have a party and indulge in games like in any other park, yet they are simply not permitted to light a cigarette. While people who visit this park do chew tobacco on a regular basis as this act has not been legally banned, smokers are free to smoke right outside the park’s premises. The Rowan County Parks director, Don Bringle, is of the opinion that “To ensure that people do not indulge in smoking cigarettes within the parks’ premises may be a daunting task. Nonetheless, by putting up signboards which help deter smokers from smoking cigarettes within the park’s premises may simply do the trick.”

The Rowan County has several policies which prohibit clients, visitors as well as contractors from consuming products made from tobacco within the building premises as well as in the county parks. If this policy is officially introduced, then people from all walks of lives, who visit the park on a regular basis and do not indulge in smoking cigarettes, can actually be spared from the wrath of the highly offensive second hand smoke emitting from tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is a suitable alternative in the wake of such a ban. An e cigarette does not contain tobacco and it is also free from the highly offensive second hand smoke. In fact, e cigs are considered non polluting devices which help the concerned smoker meet his/her nicotine demand. Last but not the least an electric cigarette is also cheaper than regular cigarettes. It is therefore preferred by the budget conscious smokers.