With the Sochi Olympics in the vicinity, the Russian federation has decided to impose a ban on smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, this ban is supposed to be temporary in nature and smokers would be allowed to smoke cigarettes once the Olympics are over. Nonetheless, the health ministry is taking a firm stand against smoking tobacco cigarettes in public in Russia and the spokespersons are of the opinion that by the year 2014, there would be stricter laws in place.

smoking ban in olympics

Nonetheless, as per the current decision, it has been decided upon that until the Sochi Olympics, people in Russia would not be legally permitted to smoke cigarettes in public places, which include railway stations and airports. Not only would cigarettes be banned in Russia, even hookah is to be banned from being smoked in bars and pubs. To ensure that this ban is not taken lightly, the authorities are putting in place a minimum retail price which in turn would hike the prices of tobacco cigarettes to a great extent. This in turn would act as a great deterrent to those smokers who simply cannot live without their daily dose of cigarettes.

At the same time, even tobacco manufacturing industries have been asked not to promote or advertise their products in any manner during the Olympic Games. “There would be a public debate, wherein tobacco manufacturers as well as individuals are free to share their views.” Declared the health department spokesperson. Bans such as these have already been imposed in certain European countries such as Finland and Norway, the United Kingdom as well as France, yet this is the first time Russia has also joined hand against tobacco smoking in public places.

Most hotels as well as restaurants have joined hands against the tobacco ban in Russia and they seem to be supporting the cause which is definitely been seen as one which is in the benefit of the society as a whole. Another reason which is being cited behind the implementation of a smoking ban by the Russian Federation until the Olympic games have finished is the fact that people who come to watch the games are known to get their children along and if they see people smoking, they would be prompted to go away and this in turn would hamper the business.

An average Russian smokes 17 cigarettes a day and 43.9 million people in Russia can be considered active smokers. Owing to the deadly tobacco smoke, over 400,000 die in Russia annually. Apparently, a smoking ban would allow the population to live longer and healthier.