Interestingly, after losing a battle with the electronic cigarettes, the tobacco industry is gearing up to retain its monopoly in the ever growing smoking industry. There have been growing concerns with regards to the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes which are safer, cheaper, healthier and best suited for the environment and the lobby which is quite concerned with this is the tobacco manufacturing units. After having sold the deadly tobacco for years and claiming the lives of millions of individuals worldwide, the tobacco industry came under flak recently and cigarette smoking was banned in several countries worldwide. This is what led to the introduction of electronic cigarettes which as you very well know, are a suitable alternative to smoking tobacco.

When e cigarettes started gaining popularity, the tobacco lobby tried its level best to bash its brains out but was unsuccessful in its volatile attempt. Then, after a bit of pondering, the British American Tobacco company came up with an idea which was centered upon manufacturing a cigarette which could be termed as a safe cigarette and one which was neither a tobacco filled cigarette nor an electric cigarette. This is what we term as a hybrid variety and it is apparently less damaging to the human body as compared to the traditional tobacco cigs.

As per David O’Reilly, the spokesperson of the BAT, it is evident that the safe cigarette is going to be in competition with the fairly popular electronic cigarettes and as expected, it would be backed by a solid political support as well. Apparently, the safe cigarette would not be using too much tobacco but would allow smokers to enjoy nicotine to the fullest. As expected, the stinking rich tobacco lobby would have the resources to ensure that their new release is publicized in the best possible manner. Nonetheless, do you really think that this new product stands any chance against the ever popular electric cigarettes? The answer is a big ‘No!’

The main reason for the same is the fact that people in the west have come to realize that e cigs have the potential to give them a thrilling smoke without damaging their bodies. Apparently, the best electronic cigarette faces no competition from this new version of tobacco cigarette and people have the ability to take a wise decision when it comes to choosing a smoking device which allows them to smoke freely without damaging their lungs or the environment in the act. Apparently, the tobacco death sticks would have to rest in peace!