The sale of electronic cigarettes has been booming ever since the country faced a no-smoking ban on all tobacco laden cigarettes. One of the main reasons why the sale of E Cigs, as they are popularly known, has shot up is because E Cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Tobacco is both harmful for the health of the smoking individual as well as for the health of those individuals who are inhaling the smoke emitted from the normal tobacco laden cigarette. An E Cig contains nicotine which in turn is ignited with the use of a charger and hence, the need of a match to light it does not arise at all. This is one of the main reasons why electronic cigarettes are free from smoke, carbon monoxide as well as tar and hence, it is not at all included in the smoke ban category. You can freely smoke an E Cig in a smoking zone without the trouble of getting legally hauled up in the act.

The sales of electronic cigarettes have increased four folds ever since the legal ban on tobacco smoking took place in the UK and people were forced to head to special “Smoking Zones” in a bid to satisfy their urge as smoking in public places was considered a punishable offence and people caught doing so were liable for legal action. Most electronic cigarette brands which topped the list were known to sell over one thousand starter kits of their brands in a single month and this was with regards to their starter packs that were priced below the fifty pound mark each. While the tobacco smoking lobby is not at all happy with the increase in the sales of E-cigs, chain smokers across the globe seem quite happy with the same for the simple reason that they can now get the same “high” which they got when they smoked tobacco laden cigars without getting legally hassled.

Another reason why smokers across the globe welcomed the incorporation of E Cigarettes in the UK was because these are comparatively safer for the health and the environment. As there is no smoke emitting from these cigarettes, the fact remains that even Green Peace is very happy with their inception in the society. As electronic cigs are relatively new, it is understandable that it would be a while before the entire world would come to know about them. Nonetheless, with time, the sales would get a boost and would certainly overtake the normal tobacco laden cigarettes by a wide margin as people nowadays are quite aware of the health risks attached to smoking regular tobacco laden cigarettes.