Second hand smoke can be defined as the smoke which emits from the mouth of the smoker. It is a combination of what the smoker exhales as well as what is emitted from a lit cigarette. This is also termed as ETS and has a distinctive smell. This is a foul smelling smoke which is known to pollute the surrounding air and leave its residue on your hair, your clothes and even your furniture and precious rugs. Most of all, it is really bad for the health of your children.

second hand smoke

Second hand smoke contains over 4000 known chemicals, of which over 43 have been identified as cancer causing in nature. Kids are at a great risk from this offensive smoke as over 67% of all children under the age of five years stay at homes wherein the elders smoke tobacco cigarettes. The ill effects of second hand smoke start even while a child is in the mother’s womb.

In case a pregnant woman smokes, then the offensive smoke travels all the way through her blood stream down to the fetus, causing irreparable damage to the new born. Sudden Infant Death is also a resultant of tobacco smoke. Besides, pregnant women who are habitual of smoking cigarettes are known to produce less milk and their children too weigh less than normal. Smoke is responsible for killing infants the most that fall in the age group of one day and one year.

Children exposed to ETS have been known to suffer from several lung infections and even their respiratory tract is damaged. This in turn leads to several diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, postnasal drip as well as chronic cough. A study on the year 1992 revealed that over three hundred thousand infants below the age of 18 months suffered from respiratory tract infections and over 15,000 needed to be hospitalized. Besides causing irritation in the respiratory tract, tobacco smoke also damages the eustachian tube of children. This leads to severe ear infections in children.

Smoking causes ear infections and some of these are so severe than a child may face loss of hearing over a period of time. Tubes may have to be inserted into the child’s ear to ensure that issues pertaining to hearing loss are resolved. Children of smoking mothers are also known to be hyperactive in nature. Some even experience mild intellectual impairment.  To ensure that your children are safe, you should opt for a tobacco free cigarette such as an electronic cigarette. E Cigarettes do not contain tobacco and they are smokeless in nature.