In a recent development, a court in Seoul has made it legal to limit electronic cigarette advertising, saying that this device is similar in nature to tobacco cigarettes. As per the law, the nicotine delivery system which is used in electric cigarettes is similar in nature to tobacco. This issue came up when an e cigarette importer sued the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the basis of its prior ruling that restrictions would be laid on the advertisement of electric cigarettes. Nonetheless, the ruling went in the favor of the government, as the judge felt it was all right to impose certain limitations on advertising e cigs, despite the fact that they were less harmful when compared to regular tobacco filled cigarettes.

According to the Ahn Cheol-sang, the judge of Seoul court, who passed the judgment, stated that as per the law the advertisement on tobacco products is limited and this should also be applicable to all those products which are similar to tobacco. This includes the e cigarette as it is a product in the category of smoking devices and carries a small cartridge which is filled with liquid nicotine. As per the current law, tobacco products can be advertised only 60 times in a financial year and these too can be published in journals once a week or even less. It has also been noticed that even though a cigarette manufacturer may be promoting an event, the concerned tobacco company is not permitted to promote its products for that particular product.

Nonetheless, this ruling has led to widespread criticisms as people feel that this is not a correct judgment. In fact, people are of the opinion that placing restrictions on the advertisement of electric cigarettes is wrong because these devices are free from tobacco and are not known to carry any cancer causing chemicals. At the same time, it has been noticed that people who have switched to electric cigarettes have greatly benefited in terms of ensuring that they are able to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt a suitable alternative instead. The main reason why chain smokers have switched to smoking electric cigarettes is because they are free from tobacco, emit no smoke and are definitely cheaper than regular cigarettes. Besides, they can be smoked at any place and there is no restriction whatsoever on these being smoked at public places.

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