It is a well known fact, which in turn has also been clinically proven, that the food which is laced with chemicals, is bound to adversely affect the human nervous system to a great extent. This is also very true with regards to regular cigarettes, which smoking enthusiasts are known to be smoking on a daily basis. It has been clinically proven that the large amounts of pesticides, which are used in the manufacturing process of regular cigarettes, are known to cause a lot of problems to those individuals who are habitual of smoking tobacco cigarettes regularly. Tobacco plant contains large amounts of pesticides, which in turn causes the human nervous system to be susceptible to several chronic disorders.

Interestingly, during the Vietnam War, Monsanto, a chemical manufacturing company, was indulged in manufacturing chemicals which were capable of destroying all the vegetation that existed in the war torn country and hence, help eradicate the enemy soldiers to a great extent. While it did help kill enemy soldiers, the chemicals used for destroying vegetation proved to be harrowing for American soldiers as well. This is simply because many American soldiers, who returned home after the Vietnam War, were found to be suffering from various kinds of cancers.

The scientists at Monsanto devised a method wherein pesticides were incorporated with the seeds, so that when the plants emerged from the ground, they were already laced with high amounts of pesticides. In the case of tobacco, the plants are laced with such harmful pesticides for the very simple reason that farmers want to maximize their profits by saving their cash generating crops from rodents and other harmful insects. When tobacco crops are saved from the menace of insects and rodents, farmers can easily hope to maximize their production and cash-in on their sale volumes.

RoundUp, which is also a Glyphosate, happens to contain high amounts of 1,4-dioxane toxin. This product is known to cause irreversible damage to the human liver, kidneys, brain, as well as the lungs of a human being. This toxin is also known to be used along with more than 4000 unlisted high toxic chemicals during the production of tobacco. This is one of the main reasons why tobacco plants are also known as ‘Franken plants’. Most anti-smoking associations are of the opinion that just because laws have been stringent on tobacco products does not imply that the farmers who cultivate tobacco have started using safer chemicals. In simpler words, the tobacco cigarettes which you smoke on a daily basis are still laced with thousands of unknown and highly toxic chemicals.

Apparently, the rising health concerns pertaining to tobacco products have lead smokers in their millions to consider a suitable alternative to their smoking habits. This in turn has allowed the conceptualization of electronic cigarettes. Smokers are switching to e cigarettes because these devices are free from smoke and they are also free from tobacco. E cigs are also cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and they are also legally permitted to be smoked everywhere. This is why smokers have begun opting for electric cigarettes.