Cigarette smoking has anyways been termed as an act which needs to be done away with at the earliest given opportunity. Nonetheless, little do people realize that quitting smoking regular cigarettes is not at all an easy task and that, it involves a lot of effort on the parts of the concerned smoker to call it quits permanently. Regardless of the effort involved, the fact remains that people are still unable to quit smoking cigarettes and they are forced to continue smoking these deadly tobacco filled products, till the very last day of their lives. This is one of the main reasons why despite all the efforts to help people quit smoking, this goal has not been achieved. In fact, the total population of smokers has risen with each passing year and now, it is all set to cross the danger mark of two billion.

Imagine this scenario- soon there would be two billion people in this world who would be smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Not only would this endanger the lives of smokers, as the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes are fatal in nature, the offensive second hand smoke arising from cigarettes would also endanger the lives of several million innocent passive smokers, who have never even touched, let alone smoke, a single regular cigarette in their lives. This is when people have started to realize the immense benefits of smoking an electronic cigarette instead. Nonetheless, the fact remains that not many smokers are completely aware of the functionality as well as the benefits attached to smoking an e cigarette and this is why they are not able to make a permanent switch over.

An electric cigarette is a device which is free from the offensive second hand smoke and it is also relatively free from tobacco. This is apparently the main reason why smokers are even permitted to puff on these smokeless devices in public places. This also includes an airplane. This is absolutely correct-people from all walks of lives are permitted to puff on e cigs even while they are traveling in an airplane. The main reason why airlines do not object to people using an electric cigarette is because these devices do not litter the floor of the airplane and neither do they cause air pollution. Apparently, e cigarettes operate with the aid of a rechargeable battery and hence, these devices do not produce any smoke. What does emit from the mouths of the smoker is water vapor, which in turn is harmless in nature and free from the harsh chemicals a regular cigarette is known to produce on a regular basis.

While puffing an electronic cigarette is permissible on an airplane, there are certain people who feel this aught to be stopped. They seem to believe that if you cannot smoke a cigarette in an airplane, you should very well not be permitted to puff on an e cigarette as well. Nonetheless, this is certainly not the case and airlines mostly have no hang-ups with people who puff on an electric cigarette while traveling in an airplane. The main reason why even the authorities permit e cigs is the lack of pollution which these devices are known to harbor. In fact, airline officials seem to agree that puffing on an e cigarette permits smokers from feeling restless, as now they no longer need to wait for the plane to land or for that matter, hunt for a special “smoking zone”, within an airplane, in a bid to satisfy their nicotine urge.

In a nutshell, the fact remains that puffing an e cigarette is perfectly acceptable in an airplane. Apparently, only those individual who happen to be tobacco loyalists seem to have certain unexplainable issues with regards to people puffing on an electronic cigarette while traveling in an airplane. If airline authorities as well as government authorities do not have any issues pertaining to people puffing on an electric cigarette, then apparently, no one else should raise an objection on the same. It is clear that an e cig is safer as compared to regular cigarettes and that it also happens to be a cheaper as well as the perfect means of satisfying the nicotine urge of an individual without endangering his/her life in any manner.