An electronic cigarette is often looked upon as a suitable mechanism for ensuring that your tobacco cravings are well taken care off and that you are always provided with a suitable mechanism for smoking peacefully without having to worry about inhaling the toxic carbon dioxide gas or causing second hand smoke.

e cigarette atomizer

While all this is important, the fact remains that keeping your atomizer clean is an equally important task. This is often ignored by the end user. Well, here are a few useful tips using which, you can keep your atomizer clean, free from unwanted fluid and long lasting.

In order to maintain its cleanliness, simply make use of a cloth which is lint free in nature. Then you need to locate the delicate threads which link the atomizer to the battery. Using the lint free cloth, you simply need to start rubbing it gently along its edges and ensure that you have these cleansed of all specks of dirt or possible fluid buildup.

In case you do not have access to a lint free cloth, you can also make use of a soft tissue for the same purpose. Just make sure that the tissue of your choice is firm and it does not have the tendency to tear, as that would leave an adverse effect on your electronic cigarette.

Once the threads have been thoroughly cleansed, you need to take the lint free cloth and rub it all across the atomizer’s vent and ensure that it is cleansed as well. You may also purge your atomizer so as to ensure that the liquid which is regularly fed into it is not allowed to cause any disruptions in your normal smoking activity. Apparently, as liquid nicotine is constantly passed through these vents, purging can actually help ease the opening and allow the container to breathe in peace.

You may also unscrew your electronic cigarette and place your battery upside down. Simply place an absorbent cloth underneath and allow the e-juice to get absorbed. You may leave the atomizer in this position for the entire night and in the morning you shall see traces of e-liquid on the absorbent cloth.

You may also place the battery and connection side upwards and place a cloth below and gently blow air via your mouth into the vacant space wherein your screw your battery with the atomizer. When you do so, you shall hear a sound which resembled a gurgling sound. This simply shows that the heating coil is being cleared of any extra e-liquid.