It was a while back when the Gong’an County created quite a stir by prompting Chinese citizens to smoke more and more tobacco cigarettes in a bid to boost the Chinese economy. Apparently, it was owing to the economic meltdown wherein the Chinese economy was looking for a boost and prompted people to take up smoking cigarettes so that revenue could be generated through the means of cigarette sales.

boost economy by smoking cigarettes in China

It was ironical that taxes were to be levied if the manufacturing process was undertaken in the Gong’an County only. In fact, a law was passed wherein employees were asked to smoke cigarettes that had been manufactured within the Gong’an County, so that the region could generate sizable profits and beat the economic turndown. This is ironical, seeing the fact that tobacco cigarettes cause irreparable damage to the human body.

What was more ironical was that if the employees within the country could not smoke 230,000 cigarettes, they were liable to get penalized. The main idea behind this law was to earn $590,000, which in turn would have been generated through the means of the cigarette sales. In fact, the government went to the extent of creating a special task force, which was given the power as well as the initiative to enforce the law and ensure that the targets were being met.

During that phase, it was brought to the media attention that a high school teacher was to be taught a lesson as he had dared to smoke a cigarette which belonged to a different brand and had been bought from a different county in China. This act was caught when officials stormed into the school premises without any prior notice and began searching cigarette packets. It was then that the poor teacher was caught red handed, using a brand of cigarettes which was not permitted to be smoked within a county.

When this news became public, several organizations including the press, ridiculed this move by the Gong’an County to promote unhealthy practices in a bid to earn more revenue for the province. In china, over 350 million people are reported to smoke tobacco cigarettes and over a million die each year owing to the deadly tobacco smoke. When Gong’an County was caught red handed trying to force cigarettes to people, it had no option but to suspend the order temporarily. In the wake of this situation, medical experts recommend smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt safer smoking alternatives such as electronic cigarettes.