There is a report that has been published by the Chemical Research in Toxicology, which states that snuff, which also happens to be a product of tobacco, has the ability to cause cancer in human beings. Although snuff is not smoked and it is very different as compared to a regular tobacco cigarette, it does contain harsh chemicals as well as other toxins that can cause irreparable damage to the human body. This is one of the main reasons why the Chemical Research in Toxicology decided to term snuff as a harmful byproduct of tobacco, which has the ability to cause cancer in human beings and is therefore suitable to be banned or else not to be permitted to be consumed by individuals in public places.


Snuff is widely used the world over as an addictive. In several Indian villages, people consume snuff to get a high and they are under the false impression that by consuming snuff, they are not directly connecting their bodies with tobacco, which according to them is comparatively harmful in nature. While there are several kinds of snuffs being manufactured these days, it is evident that moist snuff is being widely used these days and is being administered by people on a daily basis. The only issue with the use of snuff is that this product contains alarmingly high amounts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which as the name suggests, is highly toxic in nature and often leave the concerned individual with a bad taste in his mouth.

A snuff which is moist in nature is usually consumed by an individual by placing it in between the lips as well as the gums. Nonetheless, when compared to smoking regular cigarettes, snuff is considered to be less harmful, although it is grossly incorrect to state that it is completely harmless in nature or that it does not harm the human body as well as the human mind in any manner. It has been medically approved that by consuming moist snuff, the concerned individual can easily fall prey to several kinds of cancers with the pancreatic cancer reigning supreme in its hit list. In fact, oral cancer as well as cancer of the esophageal tract, is considered quite common in individuals who are habitual of consuming moist snuff on a regular basis.

Irina Stepanov, a researcher studies 23 samples of moist snuffs, which included products that were being manufactured by leading companies in a bid to ascertain the level of toxicity found in them. Based in the University of Minnesota, Irina Stepanov and her team of elite researchers ascertained that moist snuff contained 9 different kinds of carcinogens, which could be considered cancer causing in nature. At the same time, the research also deduced that there were twenty eight different kinds of PHA’s that were present in the snuffs. As far as the carcinogens were concerned, it was revealed that chrysene as well as the deadly naphthalene carcinogen was also present in these moist snuffs.

The study clearly states that the false belief that snuffs are not harmful for the human body is not at all accurate or true and the fact remains that an individual who is habitual of consuming this product needs to be very cautious as he/she can easily be stricken by several chronic ailments, including cancer. Apparently, this product is mainly used by those individuals who prefer avoiding regular cigarettes, as these contain high levels of carcinogens and are highly polluting in nature. Nonetheless, what they fail to realize while in this quest is the very simple fact that carcinogens are present everywhere and even a harmless looking product such as a moist snuff is not spared of carcinogens. At the same time, it needs to be noted that the addiction to a moist snuff is very high and at times no matter how hard people try, they are simple unable to get rid of the addiction and this in turn leads to a slow but certain poisoning of the human body.

A suitable alternative to using snuff is an electronic cigarette. Not only is an electric cigarette devoid of the offensive second hand smoke, it also does not contain tobacco. Nonetheless, when you smoke an e cigarette, you have the privilege of choosing your nicotine level and satisfy your nicotine urge in a systematic and controlled manner. Besides being free from the polluting smoke, e cigs are also cheaper and can be smoked freely in public places. Most smoking enthusiasts the world over are nowadays switching to electronic cigarettes after quitting tobacco cigarettes permanently.