As per the latest statistical reports, more and more individuals are smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that smokers are hell bent on getting addicted to tobacco, despite realizing fully well that such an act can prove fatal in nature. Nonetheless, it has also been noted that the United States government has imposed strict monetary sanctions against cigarette manufactures. This is apparently the main reason why smokers in the United States are seeking innovative ways of evading the increased tax on cigarettes. They are now simply rolling their own tobacco and smoking pipes instead.


According to the statistical data, over 2.7 million smokers in the United States are rolling their own tobacco and evading the high taxation cost on cigarettes. As there is no taxation amount on rolling your own tobacco, the fact remains that some US citizens are taking full advantage of that. The tax on a carton of cigarette has gone up to $10.07, which is over thrice the original taxation amount of $3.90. Nonetheless, if you are opting for the roll your own tobacco mechanism, then you can easily do away with the hike in tax and simply pay $3.90 and get away with it.

On the other hand, pipe tobacco has been almost exempted from taxation policies and only a meager $1.15 is charged. This is one of the main reasons why smoking enthusiasts have begun to smoke pipes instead of regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, as per the latest reports, it has been confirmed that anti smoking campaigners are crusading against the lower taxation rates being implied on pipe tobacco and they are now demanding that taxes on pipe tobacco too should be raised and brought to the same level as the taxes that are applied on regular cigarettes.

Most Indian tribes too have been known to roll their own tobacco. This is simply to evade the high taxation rates that have been levied by government agencies in the United States. Smoking is ideally causing widespread health damage, owing to which people from all walks of live shave started to seek a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. Apparently, since the last four years, smokers all across the globe have started to prefer smoking electronic cigarettes. An e cigarette is a device which is similar to regular cigarettes but it is quite different from the traditional tobacco filled cigars. The main difference both these devices is the lack of tobacco content in an e cig.

Cigarettes are being manufactured and sold across the globe in large quantities and as per the latest statistical reports, the total number of smokers in the world is all set to cross the two billion mark very soon. This is indeed an alarming figure that needs to be taken care off pretty soon and the best possible way of keeping a close tab on the total number of smokers would be to increase the taxes on cigarettes. This way, smoking enthusiasts would be able to ensure that they either opt for a suitable alternative such as an electric cigarette or quit smoking regular cigarettes completely.