It is a well known fact that smoking regular cigarettes are injurious to your health. It has been determined that by smoking regular cigarettes, smokers are always running the risk of contracting several chronic ailments such as cancer, cardiac troubles, lung infections as well as several other organ related diseases which can prove fatal in nature. Nonetheless, the fact remains that people are still quite unaware of the other dangers which are directly linked to smoking regular cigarettes. Some of these dangers include higher interest premiums as well as the exorbitantly high cost of smoking cigarettes on a monthly basis. On an average, in America, a single pack of cigarette costs $5.5, which in turn implies that a smoker usually spends $16 on an average monthly, to satisfy his/her smoking needs. Most smokers smoke two or more packs of regular cigarettes a day, which in turn simply adds to their monthly expenses.

Smoking cigarettes not only ensures that you spend $1500 to $3000 each year on cigarette packs; it also ensures that you pay extra interest on your premium policies. It is a well known fact that smokers need to shell out more money in a bid to pay up their monthly premium interests. This is certainly a painful issue for many and chain smokers from all walks of lives have been known to suffer from this burden all their lives. This is when the need of the hour is to pay attention towards trying hard to quit your bad habit and make it a thing of the past. It has also come to light that smokers need to spend several times more than non smokers in the form of healthcare bills. This is again owing to the diseases arising from smoking cigarettes on a daily basis.

Besides healthcare bills as well as the monthly bills of cigarette packs, the concerned smoker also needs to make sure that he spends excessively in order to keep his house clean. Cigarette ash is known to accumulate almost everywhere and this is one of the main reasons why smokers need to have their carpets, their clothes, their car as well as their floors cleaned on a regular basis. This is just to ensure that the surroundings are clean and hygienic, yet the cost incurred in doing so is rather high and easily avoidable. Social stigma is yet another aspect of smoking regular cigarettes. Unlike the olden days wherein people considered a cigarette smoker as an icon of sorts, nowadays, smoking enthusiasts are considered outcasts and are not encouraged to indulge in their act in society. This is undoubtedly a big issue with smoking enthusiasts and this is why they need to make sure that they get rid of this habit permanently.

Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking regular cigarettes can set you back by a couple of thousand dollars annually. Nonetheless, this is an avoidable act for most and only a select few can actually escape the grasp of cigarettes as these products are highly addictive in nature. As per several research studies, on an average a regular smokers spends $10,000 a year to cope up with the expenses presented by smoking regular cigarettes. This is a rather high amount which can easily be curbed if the concerned smoker decides to quit regular cigarettes and adopt an electronic cigarette instead.