As per a recent survey report which was published by the Disease Control and Prevention department of the United States, over 43%  of all individuals who smoked tobacco cigarettes and who were above the age of twenty years, suffered from depression. Apparently, the connection between smoking and depression is not a recent one. In the year 1954, when the US published its first report, it was found that smokers often suffered from mood swings as well as depression. It was also revealed in the reports that those smokers who were depressed had lesser chances of quitting smoking than those smokers who did not suffer from depression.

smoking and depression are partners in crime

As per several research studies, tobacco smoke acts as an anti depressant and smokers who are habitual of smoking regularly feel better for a short time span after smoking a cigarette. Nonetheless, if they do not get cigarettes on a regular basis, then they start to suffer from depression. For most smokers, cigarettes are a means of keeping their confidence levels up. In case they miss a cigarette, they tend to feel depressed and hence, low self esteem issues stem into their personality. To break this vicious cycle of smoking tobacco cigarettes, smokers need to first pay a visit to a clinical psychologist and get their mental stability restored to normalcy.

Tobacco smoke has other severe effects other than simply controlling the moods of the concerned individual. The harsh chemicals which are released from tobacco actually pollute the atmosphere, thereby aggravating the already perilous condition of global warming. At the same time, the smoke also contains lots of carcinogens as well as the highly toxic carbon dioxide gas, which in turn plays havoc with the human body. People who smoke cigarettes on a daily basis are known to suffer from several fatal diseases such as cardiac issues, respiratory infections, cancers of various kinds and many more. Even passive smokers suffer from the same diseases. Hence, an effort needs to be made to quit smoking effective immediately.

While there are several quit smoking aids available in the local market, the fact remains that very few actually work in the longer run. As per feed-backs from customers, the traditional methods such as nicotine patches as well as gum have short term effects on the human body and the moment you quit using these, you start smoking again. Apparently, the only device which has managed to gain immense popularity and is often considered a permanent cure for smoking regular cigarettes is electronic cigarette. Not only is this device free from tobacco, electronic cigarettes also help deliver the nicotine-hit, which smokers usually seek from a cigarette.