Drinking as well as smoking have always been considered as a taboo of sorts and this is what has prompted many a social organizations to try and put a permanent stop to smoking of regular cigarettes as well as the sale as well as consumption of alcohol in general. Tobacco smoke is considered to be fatal for the overall health of the human body and it has been known to cause irreparable damage to the environment as well. Drinking alcohol too has its fair share of heath worries and is known to cause fatal damage to the human body. Not only do people fall sick after drinking alcohol, they are also known to be stricken with several fatal diseases, which are simple impossible to cure. Nonetheless, as per a recent study as well as a survey report, it has been confirmed that good news is here in the making.

According to the latest statistical data, it has been officially revealed that people from all walks of lives, especially teenagers, have reduced their drinking as well as smoking habits in the current year. This apparently, happens to be the lowest in the 30 year time frame and is considered to be very auspicious for those families wherein chain smokers as well as alcoholics dwell. Undoubtedly, the families of such individuals have always sought to ensure that alcoholics as well as chain smokers in their families quit smoking as well as drinking alcohol permanently. Undoubtedly, this positive effect has come into place ever since people from all walks of lives have started to realize the dangers associated with drinking alcohol as well as smoking tobacco and other related products.

In the year 2011, over 47,000 teenagers were studied. The report thus established was termed as “Monitoring the Future” and it was mainly aimed at determining whether the new teenage populace is working towards securing a better future for themselves or not. These teens were known to be smoking marijuana or smoking pot and most of them belonged to the 10’Th or the 12’Th standards. In a shocking revelation, it was confirmed that over 11% of all 12 grade students had actually tried synthetic marijuana, which was undoubtedly more contaminated and deadly as compared to the original pot, as it contained several hardcore poisonous chemicals. This was a fact which surprised even the most daring researchers, as smoking synthetic pot, was endangering the lives of millions of teenagers, the world over.

This drug is also known as K2 and it is readily available in several online shops. Apparently, some online shopping stores have named it Spice so as to ensure that people from all walks of lives do not get a whiff of what may be contained within this deadly chemical, which has an innocent name. Most chemicals found in synthetic pot are illegal and considered fatal for the human body. Nonetheless, they are being widely used by teenagers the world over. As per the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is not considered to be a dangerous drug by the present day teenagers and is looked upon as a stimulant, which can be consumed as and when the need arises. Apparently, in the medical world, marijuana is widely used for curing certain ailments and hence, it is also being considered as safe by teenagers and is being used rampantly.

The National Drug Control Policy, operating from the White House office is of the opinion that the consumption of marijuana by teens is wrong and it cannot be considered safe simple because it is being used in the medical world for curing certain ailments. In fact, in this manner, even steroid usage would be considered appropriate, as steroids are used in the medical field for the treatment of several physical as well as mental ailments in humans. Nonetheless, this year, the decline in the total number of patients smoking marijuana and other substances has allowed the National Drug Control Policy to heave a sigh of relief. The cases of teen smoking has reduced by 12.8% in the year 2010, which is undoubtedly at an all time low in the past 30 years. Dr. Howard K. Koh, the director at the Department oh Human Services and health, was overjoyed at the current statistical data.

The main reason for the decline in smoking is owing to the introduction of electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is a device, which looks and tastes just like a regular cigarette but it is quite different from a regular one. Nonetheless, the fact remains that an electric cigarette is free from tobacco and it also does not produce the offensive second hand smoke, which is symbolic to regular cigarettes.