As per the British medical Association, it has been revealed that when people are exposed to cigarette smoke within a car, are twenty three times more likely to inhale toxic fumes as compared to what they would inhale when they are within a bar which has numerous smokers, such as a smokey bar.

There are several areas in the world, wherein people are not permitted to smoke cigarettes within a bar, pub and even restaurant, for the very simple reason that the highly toxic smoke which arises from regular cigarettes, can prove fatal for the overall health of the concerned individual. There are certain housing units, which do not permit smoking of cigarettes within their premises. California and Maine, amidst several other states are a few such places, wherein people are not permitted to smoke within a car or for that matter within any vehicle.

smoking ban in cars

Owing to the toxins released while we smoke cigarettes, smokers including second hand smokers, can suffer from several life crippling diseases, most of which are known to damage the lungs of the human body. Over 4000 highly toxic chemicals are known to emit from the smoke of a cigarette, of which 47 are known to be cancer causing in nature.

As per Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, who works at the New York University Langone Medical Center, “Smoking cigarettes in an enclosed place is very harmful for the health of the concerned individual.” Cigarette smoke is also known to settle in the carpet or other portions of the vehicle, which in turn prove to be really harmful for the overall health of the concerned individual. Smoking within a vehicle is also termed as third hand smoke.

An Alexandria hospital does not permit its employees to smoke and then come to work for the very simple reason that third hand smoke can prove to be deadly for the human health. One of the main reasons why this move was initiated by the Alexandria hospital administration was to save people from getting infected by the several harmful carcinogens, which are directly linked to smoking regular cigarettes.

Nowadays, chain smokers have started looking for suitable alternatives to smoking cigarettes by opting for smokeless cigarettes which are available in the form of electronic cigarettes. By imposing such bans, people from all walks of lives can be made aware of all issues pertaining to regular cigarettes and health conscious individuals would slowly but steadily get rid of their awful smoking habit and lead a healthy life by adopting e cigarettes.