Smoking regular cigarettes has been deemed as a bad habit as not only does it cause harm to the individual smoking these, it also damages the health of innocent non-smokers who happen to inhale the highly toxic fumes emitting from a lit cigarette. While it is a well known fact that people who smoke regular cigarettes are stricken with several diseases, most of which are considered fatal in nature, the fact remains that there are several other ailments which may not be fatal but equally harmful for the overall health and wellbeing of an individual, which constantly nag smokers as well as innocent passive smokers. One such ailment is diabetes. There has been a medical report, which clearly stated that in the United States alone, cigarette smoking is known to claim over 500,000 lives on an annual basis. This is undoubtedly a shocking fact and this in turn helps us understand the perils of smoking cigarettes.


At the same time, another report stated that one in every ten deaths in the entire world on an annual basis was caused by cigarette smoking. In fact, in the United States, which is also considered to be the only super power and a leader in terms of a sound economy, it was found that one in every five people who died on an annual basis, had a direct link with the offensive second hand smoke emitted by regular cigarettes. Undoubtedly, smoking tobacco cigarettes is a taboo of sorts, which should be avoided at all costs. All diseases which can be categorized under the micro vascular category are also considered to be directly linked to smoking cigarettes. Apparently, this is why diabetes affects the kidney as well as the eyes of the concerned individuals and if not treated timely, it can prove fatal in nature. Diabetes too is caused owing to smoking regular cigarettes on a regular basis.

Most doctors advise patients who suffer from diabetes to quit smoking permanently or seek an alternative such as an electronic cigarette, which is devoid of the deadly tobacco content and other carcinogens that are symbolic to regular cigarettes. Medical associates are of the opinion that Type 2 diabetes is also caused mainly because people either inhale the highly toxic fumes emitting from regular cigarettes or they end up smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Either ways, smoking is a silent killer which simply leaves no scope for both the smoker as well as the passive smoker, with regards to leading a healthy and a long life. As per the guidelines established by the American Diabetes Association, it is fairly clear that smoking enthusiasts should quit smoking regular cigarettes. In fact, as smoking is highly addictive in nature, it is also recommended that the concerned smoker seek a suitable alternative which is in the form of an e cigarette.

The American Diabetes Association also suggests that people who smoke should be counseled to quit smoking on a periodical basis and an effort be made to ensure that their habit to smoke be curbed via medications as well as an alternate method such as nicotine patches, gum or even an electric cigarette. In a recent report that was published in the Tobacco Journal, it was found that people who smoked cigarettes and resorted to using nicotine patches or gums, did not get any relief at all and most started to smoke cigarettes once again. On the other hand, those smokers who smoked cigarettes and switched to e cigs managed to steer clear of smoking regular cigarettes permanently. This apparently states and clarifies the doubt on the effectiveness of an electronic cigarette. Without a shadow of a doubt, an e cigarette is an effective counter mechanism to those smokers who simply cannot live without their daily smoke. Doctors are of the opinion that the offensive second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes has the ability to clog the arteries of the heart of an individual, thereby giving rise to a cardiac arrest.

An electric cigarette is supposed to be a safer option when compared to regular cigarettes as this device does not contain tobacco. In fact, as this device does not require the need for a match, it is also smokeless in nature. With the absence of smoke as well as tobacco, an e cig turns out to be the most effective means of ensuring that the concerned individual is able to puff away on these smokeless devices without bothering to contract any chronic ailment in return. It has also been confirmed that these smokeless devices are cheaper than regular cigarettes and that they can save up to 75% of the total monthly bill, with special regards to cigarette smoking.