People who smoke cigarettes are known to weigh lesser than those people who do not smoke cigarettes. As per the latest statistical reports, those who smoke cigarettes often weigh four to eight pounds lesser than those individuals who are not habitual of smoking cigarettes. One of the main reasons why smoking causes weight loss in humans is because it increases the metabolic process in the human body. Owing to a speedy metabolism, the concerned user is able to burn more calories and hence, lose weight at warp speed. Once again, the main reason behind a faster metabolism is the increase in heart rate, which in turn causes severe heart related ailments in human beings.

At the same time, several research studies have shown that smokers have a rather acute sense of smell, which in turn does not attract them towards food items. A smoker would rather light a cigarette, than opt for a snack or a dessert after meals. Nonetheless, smoking regular cigarettes is considered to be the worst way to keep those extra pounds off your body, as it is injurious to your health. In fact, smoking cigarettes to the tune of one pack a day is equivalent to gaining 125 pounds of body fat. Hence, smoking a pack of cigarettes is considered fatal for the human body. Apparently, this is why smokers are nowadays switching over to electronic cigarettes.

Undoubtedly, you may find smokers to be slightly thinner than overweight individuals. It is also a well known fact that smoking cigarettes to lose fat is not at all a good practice. An e cigarette is considered a suitable option as these devices do not contain tobacco and most of the harsh chemicals, which are usually present in regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, smokers continue to smoke regular cigars as they are addicted to them. It has also been noticed that smokers who quit smoking cigarettes, tend to gain weight within the first six months of quitting smoking. The average weight gain ranges from four pounds to ten pounds. This is simply implying that the extra weight which the smoker gained after quitting smoking was his /her actual weight.

It also needs to be noted that smokers who are habitual of smoking large number of cigarettes daily are habitual of gaining weight faster than those who smoke lesser number of cigarettes on a daily basis. This is simply because after quitting smoking, the heart rate of smokers tends to slow down, which in turn slows down the metabolism as well. This forces the body to gain weight at warp speed. Nonetheless, after six months of quitting cigarettes, the smoker’s body gets adjusted to the extra weight and it slowly starts to shed those extra pounds. So, in a year’s time, the smoker is actually able to lose most of the extra weight.

After quitting cigarettes, the sense of smell increases. This in turn allows the smoker to appreciate different kinds of food items. In turn, his appetite also increases. In the end, the smoker is able to gain weight, as he starts to consume more food. It is therefore, in the best interest of the smoker to quit smoking tobacco cigars.