Smoking cigarettes is, without a shadow of a doubt, an act which is definitely not recommended by close friends as well as family members. Apparently, smoking cigarettes is not only considered to be injurious to your health, it is also known to cause irreparable damage to those who do not smoke, yet are forced to inhale the deadly toxic fumes which emit from lit cigarettes. It has been medically proven that the highly toxic fumes that emit from regular cigarettes are simply not at all considered good for the human body and can cause irreparable damage to the heart, the lungs, the vital organs as well as the brain of the concerned individual. In a recent development, it has been medically confirmed that smoking regular cigarettes also causes brain damage.


As per Indian National Brain Research Center, it has been ascertained that a direct link between those who smoke cigarettes and a possible brain damage is evident. This damage is also prevalent in innocent passive smokers who are forced to inhale the highly offensive fumes which emit from traditional tobacco laden cigarettes. The research was led by Dr Anirban Basu and Debapriya Ghosh, who also happen to be a part of the Indian National Brain Research Center. The research study claims that the harsh chemicals present in tobacco cigarettes react with the white blood cells present in the human body, which in turn can aggravate the issues pertaining to the brain and cause severe neurological disorders. In the research, it was found that regular tobacco cigarettes contain a compound which is also known as NNK. This compound is not a carcinogen but when it comes in contact with the human body and is exposed to several metabolic activities which are symbolic to the human body, it transforms itself and transforms into a carcinogen.

While NNK is not known to cause brain damage directly, it has a tendency to alter the basic as well as advanced functionalities of the human brain and cause neuroinflamation. It is owing to this very fact that the human brain is exposed to several complications and gets gripped with Multiple Sclerosis. As per Ghosh, “The link between tobacco cigarettes and neuroinflamation needs to be ascertained for the very simple reason that people need to realize the expenses which may arise owing to the complications in the human brain.” To reduce such unnecessary medical expenditure that may have arisen owing to the malfunctioning of the human brain, the concerned individual needs to spend some time trying to find a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Apparently, a safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes is via an electronic cigarette. An e cig is way cheaper than a regular cigarette.

During the lab testing procedure, it was found that the NNK component which is present in regular cigarettes aggravates the proinflammatory protein system which in turn is present in the human brain. This in turn leads to proinflammatory cytokines, which again is a simple explanation to the serious issue pertaining to potential brain damage in individuals who are exposed to cigarette smoke. The study also revealed that NNK initiated the development of microglia, which in turn is a brain damaging cell. Apparently, with an increase in microglia cells, the fact remains that the concerned individual would certainly suffer from a certain degree of brain impairment. The NNK content in a regular cigarette may vary from 20 nanograms to even 310 nanograms. This is when the need of the hour is to quit smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes and incorporate an e cigarette in your daily lives. The main reason why smoking enthusiasts are prone to puffing on an electric cigarette is because these devices are free from smoke and they also do not contain tobacco.