Pregnancy is undoubtedly an act wherein the concerned mother is aspiring to have a baby. The creation of a new life is without a shadow of a doubt rather important and this act needs to be performed under the healthiest possible conditions. For a starter, smoking is an act which any pregnant woman needs to avoid at the earliest given opportunity. In case you are pregnant, you should always try and quit smoking cigarettes at the earliest given chance as smoking cigarettes during this period can prove to be very harmful for your unborn child. It has been medically confirmed that those women who are habitual of smoking cigarettes tend to have a low conceiving rate. When you smoke cigarettes, the male sperm production reduces to a great extent and you also seem to suffer from a highly impaired fertility rate. Apparently, tobacco cigarettes contain certain toxins which seriously impair the production of healthy blood in the human body.


The babies of mothers that are habitual of smoking regular cigarettes are usually born with a low weight group. Most babies here have a birth weight of less than the standard five pound mark. In fact, medical science has confirmed that smoking mothers usually give birth to babies that have smaller than normal organs and such babies are also known to suffer from very poor lung functions. In fact, medical practitioners have also confirmed that babies born from smoking mothers have been known to get stricken from cot death disease. It has also been medically confirmed that babies of those mothers who are habitual of smoking more than fifteen cigarettes daily, often give birth to babies who require frequent hospitalization. Most babies that are born from smoking mothers have been known to suffer from middle ear infections. In fact, bronchitis is fairly common in children who smoke cigarettes regularly.

The risk of placental abruption is also evident in such babies. All these factors apparently are considered to be very important in determining the overall health of the concerned baby and this is why mothers of such babies need to stop smoking cigarettes at the earliest given opportunity. Nonetheless, it is not at all an easy task to quit smoking cigarettes, especially for those mothers who fall in the category of chain smokers. Nonetheless, it needs to be remembered that a human body happens to be a living organism that has a natural ability to heal itself. Hence, smoking mothers too have the natural ability to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes if they are able to incorporate a few positive changes in their lives.

It has been noticed that mothers who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes midway in their pregnancy have been able to successfully give birth to babies that were considerably healthier and they have almost the same body weight as babies born of non-smoking mothers. Interestingly, several studies have shown that even those women who smoke moderately have been known to suffer from damaged fetuses. Hence, tobacco cigarettes need to be stopped permanently. In order to make the quitting process easier and more pleasant, most smoking enthusiasts switch to puffing on an e cigarette instead. An electric cigarette is tobacco free and it is also free from the highly offensive second hand smoke. This is why an e cig is considered to be an ideal replacement for regular cigarettes.