Smoking regular cigarettes is considered to be really awful for your health. Not only does the appalling tobacco smoke spoil your lungs, it also contributed towards the degradation of your teeth. As per a recent survey, it was found that almost all smokers who were habitual of smoking regular cigarettes, suffered from yellow stains on their teeth. This makes it clear that if you are a regular smoker, you would be harming your teeth to a great extent. As per medical reports, the teeth of the human body start to chip and they tend to lose their luster when you start smoking cigarettes. The chipping and cracking of teeth is caused owing to the lack of oxygen supply to the tooth enamel.

smoking stains your teeth

Besides spoiling your teeth, the tobacco smoke also has a tendency to discolor your teeth and turn them yellow. It has also been noticed that the highly toxic smoke tends to cause cancers of the tongue, lip, throat, lung, pancreas and other regions of the human body. As per medical reports, when you quit smoking, your teeth are saved from further damage. Nonetheless, the previous damage that has already been done needs to be resolved through the means of expensive dental sittings. In case there is a lapse, you may need to undergo dental surgery to correct the damage which your teeth have undergone, owing to tobacco smoke.

One of the main reasons why your teeth tend to get stained when you smoke regular cigarettes is because smoking reduces the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is considered vitally essential in ensuring that your teeth are kept clean and free from any bacterium. Saliva also helps increase the supply of blood in your gums, thereby allowing your teeth to remain clean and free from stains. When you smoke cigarettes, over 4000 toxic chemicals are released with each puff. These chemicals get stuck to your mouth and teeth and can cause severe damage. Besides, as the saliva production is minimal when you smoke, the lack of saliva adversely hampers your ability to wash away the deposited chemicals from your teeth.

In case you quit smoking, even then you would need to remove the stains, which in turn would imply that you opt for bleaching. This is a costly process that would leave you short of $1000. The best way to maintain your pearly white teeth and smoke at the same time is to quit regular cigarettes and include electronic cigarettes in your daily schedule.