Tobacco smoking is undoubtedly considered a bad habit and smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe have often faced immense criticism from their family members as well as friends, with regards to their awful habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. In recent years, it has been noticed that even die hard chain smokers have started to realize the immense dangers associated with smoking regular cigarettes and this is one of the main reasons why they have also been known to quit smoking tobacco and opt for e cigarettes instead. Apparently, the lack of tobacco content in electronic cigarettes is proving to be the driving force behind smokers considering them as a suitable alternative to regular cigars.

While e cigs are fast gaining popularity amongst the masses, it has also come to the notice of smoking critics that traditional tobacco filled cigars are indeed hampering the energy levels in human beings. As per clinical researchers, the main reason why you feel deprived of energy when you consume cigarettes over a period of time is because the cacogenic fumes which emit from tobacco cigarettes tend to damage your cells to a great extent. These cigarette fumes are known to be laces with carbon monoxide gas, which in turn is known to harm the human cells to a great extent. Owing to this very reason, you tend to become lazy and your approach towards life too takes a lazy turn.

It has been noticed that smokers who have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a considerable time period are prone to waking up late in the morning. When they do try and wake up earlier in the morning, they feel sapped of all their energy. In fact, smokers have often complained that when they try waking up early in the morning, their eyes fail to open and they often feel their eyelids resisting the urge to open. While most of you may be under the false opinion that the main reason behind your fatigued state is your age or the increasing workload at your office but in reality, your low energy levels have no relation to your age or your increasing workloads at your office. The main reason for your rising fatigue levels is the highly offensive second hand smoke, which is entering your body and decaying it in a slow and steady manner. This emits from regular cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are free from this smoke.

When you start to feed your lungs with carbon monoxide gas, your heart gets tired of pumping the impure blood, owing to which, you are not able to dispatch blood to all parts of your body. This in turn weakens your organs and your cells are no longer blessed with the same elasticity levels. At the same time, the tar which starts to accumulate in your lungs forces your heart to pump blood harder than what it is actually habitual of pumping, owing to which, the waste deposits in your arteries start to condense. In fact, they also tend to harden. It has also been clinically proven that the tar which is deposited in your lungs hampers your breathing, owing to which, you tend to feel stressed and low in terms of energy levels.