While smoking regular cigarettes has been confirmed as hazardous to the human body, another shocking revelation which has been confirmed is the damage cigarettes can cause to new born babies. It is a well known fact that the offensive second hand smoke with usually emits from regular cigarettes is harmful for the human body and it not only causes problems to the concerned smoker but it also causes irreparable damage to those passive smokers who happen to inhale this cloud of toxic fumes. While this offensive smoke is undoubtedly damaging to human beings, studies have shown that if a pregnant woman is exposed to this highly toxic smoke, or the pregnant woman happens to be a regular smoker, then the chances are that her newborn may suffer some serious damage as well.

As per a study conducted by a team of Dutch scientists, it was revealed that over two hundred and fifty children developed complications in their blood vessels. Apparently, all subjects belonged to those mothers who were habitual of smoking cigarettes regularly, even during their pregnancy. The thickness in the children’s blood vessels, as per the scientists, was a resultant of the unborn being exposed to the offensive second hand smoke emitted by tobacco cigarettes. During the study, the child was studied at varying time intervals to assess the true damage done on the body of the concerned subject. The first test was conducted when the child happened to be just 4 weeks old. The thickness of the cardiac arteries was measured and the parents of the concerned child were asked to fill up a questionnaire.


The second test was conducted when the child turned 5 years old. Once again, the concerned researchers measured the length as well as the thickness of the carotid artery and assessed the difference with regards to the flexibility in the carotid artery. The difference was noted and the records shared with the parents of the concerned subject. Once again, the parents of the concerned child were asked to fill a series of forms and their feedbacks pertaining to their current smoking habits were recorded. During the study, it was clearly revealed that the thickness of the carotid artery in a five year old child was 19 microns thicker as compared to that of a normal child. Apparently, the child whose artery was thicker belonged to a mother who was habitual of smoking tobacco cigarettes during pregnancy.

According to the study, it was also ascertained that the carotid artery of those 5 year old children whose mothers smoked cigarettes while being pregnant, seemed rigid as compared to the normal children, whose arteries were flexible as they should ideally be. It is interesting to note that those children whose mother never smoked during pregnancy but their father did on a regular basis, seemed to have not been affected adversely from the offensive second hand smoke which their mother inhaled during her pregnancy. While other damages may have been prevalent in such subjects, the issue concerning the carotid artery was absent in such children. As the age of these children would increase, their carotid arteries would be further damaged as the infection has been already injected in the roots. Nonetheless, corrective medical measures can help restore the damaged arteries in children, yet such an act could easily have been avoided and such complications eradicated, had the pregnant mother to be stopped smoking cigarettes while being pregnant.


Smoking regular cigarettes is undoubtedly fatal for the human body. Several individuals as well as advanced research studies have stated that people who smoke cigarettes are susceptible to severe infections pertaining to their heart, respiratory tract as well as other vital organs present in the human body. At the same time, it has also been revealed that cancers of the mouth, the lungs, the lips, the pancreas and other vital regions are caused owing to the offensive second hand smoke emitted y regular cigarettes. Not only are smokers affected by such disorders, even non smoking individuals are known to suffer terribly owing to these infections and their plight is known to be far greater than the plight of those who smoke cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is therefore looked upon as the most suitable means of ensuring that the overall health of the smoker is kept intact. An e cigarette is free from tobacco. In fact, an electric cigarette does not produce the deadly second hand smoke as well. When an individual smokes and e cig, the fact remains that he/she can smoke this device even in public places.