Smoking has always been an issue with people who do not smoke cigarettes and are averse with the thought of inhaling the offensive second hand smoke, which is ideally transmitted when your family member of your friend is a habitual smoker. While several countries understand the need to reduce the total number of smokers, this is apparently a near impossible task as stopping an adult from smoking is not a viable option. Nonetheless, the only way the government can actually impose strict actions with regards to containing the rising menace caused by tobacco cigarettes, is by simply banning its usage in public places.

cigarette smoking banned in Brazil

Numerous countries have banned smoking regular cigarettes in the open and the latest addition is Brazil. While Brazil has been known as a leading consumer of tobacco cigarettes, it needs to be noted that in a recent move, the concerned government authorities imposed a strict ban on smoking cigarettes in enclosed areas. In fact, in airports and cafeterias, special smoking zones have been established, wherein people are asked to smoke cigarettes, if they need to. They simply cannot step outside to do so. Besides imposing a ban on smoking regular cigarettes in the open, the Brazilian government has also decided to increase tax on all tobacco products. This would certainly help reduce the total number of cigarettes that are lit here each day.

It has been stated that the cost of cigarettes would be raised by 55% in the coming years, which in turn would act as a strong deterrent to those smokers who simply cannot hope to survive without their daily smoke. The government has also taken strict measures to stop the entry of cheap cigarettes from Paraguay, which happens to be a neighboring country and apparently, one of the major suppliers of regular cigarettes to Brazil. One of the main reasons why the Brazilian government took this step against tobacco smoking in enclosed areas was owing to the rising diseases caused by tobacco smoke. With an increment in the cases of lung cancer and cardiac failures, the Brazilian government thought it was necessary to impose stringent regulations to bring this menace under control.

While smoking is a habit which is tough to break and smoking regular cigarettes a taboo, it has been noticed that chain smokers are quickly making a permanent switch towards smoking electronic cigarettes. An e cigarette is devoid of tobacco and is smokeless in nature, yet it does manage to provide the much needed nicotine hit to the concerned smoker, thereby fulfilling his basic needs.