Cigarette smoking has been known to cause irreparable damage to the human body and while it is being rampantly followed the world over, the fact remains that people all over the world continue smoking cigarettes on a constant basis. In fact, as per the latest statistical reports, it has been ascertained that over a billion strong smoking population worldwide, is increasing at a rapid pace. In India alone, the present death statistics which is a direct result of tobacco smoking is 900,000 individuals. The report also states that unless and until concrete steps are taken, this rate would further increase and by the year 2013, over 1 million people in India would be dying owing to tobacco smoking.

indian smoking cigarette

New England Journal of Medicine published this article and updated all the facts pertaining to the catastrophic data, which has raised many an eyebrow on the rising menace of cigarette smoking. As per a report published by New England Journal of Medicine, it was ascertained that the rising menace of tobacco related deaths in India was not unprecedented but was always hovering on the horizon and in need for some serious action in order for the government to curb it permanently. Canadian, Indian and UK scientists were involved in this research which showcased the 1 million death mark for tobacco smokers in India by the year 2013. In the study, over 900 workers were involved and data from over 1.1 million homes was collected.

As per this alarming trend, over 20% of all deaths in individuals above the age of 30 and below 70, including 5% women, would be caused by cigarette smoking. The report also states that 61% of all smokers in India would die between the age group of 30 to 69 years and over 41% of all non-smokers would succumb owing to the inhalation of the deadly tobacco smoke unleashed by smokers. Almost 62% of all smoking women in the 30 to 69 year age group would be dying owing to smoking cigarettes while 32% of all non-smoking women would die as they inhaled the deadly second hand smoke unleashed by regular smokers. The report also stated that Indians males who smoked bidi were prone to shorten their lifespan by 6 years. On the other hand, Indian females who smoked bidi, lessened their life by almost 8 years.

In case you smoke up to 7 bidi’s a day, your morality rate would increase by 25%. Amartya Sen, a professor in the Harvard University stated that if people stopped smoking regular cigarettes, the number of deaths would drastically reduce in India. It is therefore advised that instead of smoking regular cigarettes, Indians should smoke electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is devoid of tobacco and it is completely smokeless in nature.