Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as other well known social media websites are proving to be much more addictive for human beings as compared to smoking a regular cigarette or even consuming alcohol. As per a recent study, it was officially revealed that social media websites have indeed captivated the minds of young as well as elderly individuals belonging to all sections of lives. Apparently, nowadays individuals are actually heading for their computers instead of playing fields and engrossing their minds in reading emails sent on social media websites or chatting with their friends. As per psychologists, this act is far more addictive than any other known form of addiction in human beings.

While people are nowadays spending more time on the web, it is a well known fact that checking on emails is less taxing and definitely cheaper than smoking or drinking alcohol. Besides, it is also a well known fact that smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol is without a shadow of a doubt much more harmful than surfing the web and checking emails or chatting online with your friends. The Booth Business School, which in turn falls under the Chicago University, decided to conduct this study, which in turn involved the Blackberry device for checking frequencies of over 205 subjects. All the subjects were located in Wurtzburg, Germany and they fell under the 10 to 25 age group.


The subjects were asked seven times daily with regards to their desires and requirements, for a period which lasted a week in total. During the course of the study, it was also ascertained how strong their impulses as well as their desires were. Interestingly, smoking tobacco cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol did not surface high on the wish list and instead, most of them simply aspired to surf the web and check on various social media websites. It is a well known fact that in the longer run, social media interaction proves to be far less damaging than drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette. This revelation was undoubtedly never heard off before and people from all walks of lives were rather shocked on learning that people nowadays were more addicted to their laptops than cigarettes or hard drinks.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this clarifies the confusing fact that most people prefer surfing the web, the fact remains that over a billion strong individuals the world over are still smoking cigarettes and often the same number of individuals are also indulged in drinking alcohol. This is when the need for quitting regular cigarettes is the need of the hour. Instead of smoking cigarettes, it is advised that smokers switch to puffing on an electronic cigarette instead. An e cigarette is a smokeless device which is also free from tobacco. As an electric cigarette is cheaper than regular cigarettes, budget conscious smokers prefer this device nowadays. The biggest advantage of puffing on an e cig is that it is socially acceptable and you can openly puff these devices in public places.