South Beach Smoke review posted at has clearly stated that the new range of disposable e cigs, which this brand has recently launched, are amongst the best in the international smoking niche. Apparently, it has been stated by electronic cigarette experts that the disposable electric cigarettes are ideally suited for those smoking enthusiasts who are trying out this brand for the very first time. Even those smoking enthusiasts, who are habitual of smoking regular cigarettes and would be keen to try smokeless cigarettes, often opt for the disposables, in a bid to try them out. Hence, this kind of an electric cigarette is ideal for those who wish to taste an e cigarette for the very first time.

South Beach Smoke Disposable 

An electronic cigarette is a device which is free from smoke, ass, tar and tobacco. This is one of the main reasons why it is being preferred over traditional cigarettes. The South Beach Smoke disposables are very compact and they are also very easy to use. In fact, they act as your travel companions, as there is no need to recharge the batteries once they are finished and you also do not need to fit the refill cartridge once the present one is over. You simply need to throw the disposable electric cigarette once it is complete. The tip of these e cigarettes is orange and it glows each time you take a puff on this device. This electronic cigarette therefore looks like a real cigarette.


Electric cigarette reviews have also clearly stated that this is a one piece design, wherein the atomizer, cartridge and the battery are present in a single cigarette. The cartridge is also in-built and it contains liquid nicotine, which in turn is ignited once you start to puff on this device. This device contains a silicone tip with a single hole, which in turn allows the smoking enthusiast to relish long and deep draws. This e cig also contains a specially designed mouthpiece, which in turn ensures that those who smoke these disposable electronic cigarettes do not need to worry about the liquid nicotine leaking into their mouths. Hence, South Beach Smoke disposables are the most effective means of ensuring that smokers have complete fun, while relishing various delicious flavors at all times.