The South Beach Smoke cheap electronic cigarette brand is undoubtedly amongst the most reputed brands of electronic cigarettes in the international market today. Not only has this e cigarette brand managed to ward off stiff competition from numerous other websites, it has also managed to ensure that it continues to manufacture new and innovative products on a regular basis. At the same time, this brand has been considered synonymous to providing attractive discounted offers to smoking enthusiasts at all times. The latest offer is the Holiday Sale.

What is the South Beach Smoke Holiday Sale?

The South Beach Smoke Holiday Sale has been initiated by the brand owners keeping in mind the rising demands of smokers the world over, with special regards to the starter kits as well as cheap electronic cigarette accessories being manufactured by this brand. The Holiday Sale started on November 28’th and it is all set to continue till December 25’th. When you purchase a starter kit, South Beach Smoke e cigarette manufacturers shall dispatch a special rebate form along with your starter kit. You simply need to fill up that form in a bid to avail the free starter kit. In case you purchase a starter kit before November 28’th and after December 25’th, then you shall not be eligible for the free kit.

South Beach Smoke Review

In a bid to gather more information on the Holiday Sale, you can also browse through updated South Beach Smoke reviews posted at several top rated review websites present across the World Wide Web. While this is apparently a new inclusion, the fact remains that many top rated review websites may have already included this vitally important information pertaining to best selling electronic cigarette brand via blogs or articles or even press releases. It is interesting to note that the free scheme is not applicable on the disposable cigarettes.

South Beach Starter Kits

South Beach Smoke electric cigarettes can easily be categorized under the cheap electronic cigarette group. This is mainly owing to the very simple fact that these e cigarettes offer the highest quality starter kits at very affordable pricing. The price of the South Beach Smoke starter kits ranges from $29.99 to $159.99 and they include the Reusable Express Kit, the Deluxe Starter Kit, the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit and the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit. Hence, smoking enthusiasts have a lot to choose from when they are actually opting for the most appropriate smoking mechanism to satisfy their smoking urges.

South Beach Smoke Holiday Sale

South Beach Smoke Cartridges

This brand has several cartridges to offer to smoking enthusiasts and the main flavors include Tobacco Gold, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Peach, Pinda Cola, Peppermint, Cherry, Vanilla and Chocolate. This clearly states that those smokers, who choose to opt for the starter kits and avail a free one, can actually hope to relish several delicious flavors in return. These cartridges are available in three sizes. The first is the 15 pack cartridge that costs $39.99. The second is the 30 pack cartridge that costs $69.99 and finally, the third is the 45 pack cartridge that costs $99.99. All these packs are available for sale at a discounted price, which allows smokers to enjoy additional benefits while getting hold of their most cherished items.

In case you opt for the 15 pack cartridge, you are spending a meager $2.66 per pack. On the other hand, if you opt for the 30 pack cartridge then you end up spending $2.33 per pack and finally, if you choose to go with the 45 pack cartridge, you shall be paying a meager amount of $2.22 per cartridge.

South Beach Smoke Retailers on the Net

Tech-Cigarette always recommends smoking enthusiasts to make their final purchase after paying a visit to the official website of South Beach Smoke. Nonetheless, you always have the option of browsing through numerous e cig review websites that provide accurate, unbiased and up to date content pertaining to this highly popular e-smoke device on a regular basis. Simply use the links posted on these websites to reach the official homepage of South Beach and make a purchase.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Update

While opting for the Holiday Sale, you really do not wish to ensure that you get hold of a special coupon in a bid to qualify for the free starter kit. Over here, you simply purchase a kit and after filling the rebate form that has been dispatched along with your purchase, opt for a free kit of a similar or a lower denomination. Once you have submitted the form, your free kit shall be shipped to your address.

South Beach Smoke Refills are Easy to Get

If you are worried that after purchasing a starter kit and availing a free starter kit of similar denomination or of a lesser value, you shall not be able to enjoy your smoke as the cartridge would get spent, you need to quit worrying. South Beach Smoke electric cigarette brand has several options available, wherein you can opt for a refill by simply placing an online order with the company’s official website and the cartridge of your choice shall be shipped to your physical address. You can also choose your flavors as well as your preferred nicotine strength. You can opt for a zero nicotine cartridge, a low strength nicotine cartridge, a medium strength cartridge or a full fledged nicotine strength cartridge and fully satisfy your smoking urge by opting for the e cig starter kits.

Why Are Discounts Such as the Holiday Sale Considered Important?

Without a shadow of a doubt, sales such as the South Beach Smoke electric cigarette brand’s Holiday Sale, are undoubtedly important as they permit even the budget conscious smoking enthusiasts to get hold of the electric cigarette starter kit as well as e cig accessories of a reputed brand, without burning a hole in their pocket. At the same time, these sales have the ability to bring out the best from those brands that matter the most to smokers. Last but not the least, smokers always try and gift e cigarette starter kits to their loved ones and the most appropriate moment for doing the same happens to be occasions wherein an e cig brand is offering a suitable discount on all its e-smoking products.