South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette brand is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands in the entire e-smoking niche. While this brand is relatively new as compared to some of the veteran competitors, it has managed to carve a niche for itself in this highly competitive market in a relatively short time span. A list of high quality starter kits aimed at catering to smokers from all across the globe is undoubtedly one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of this brand of e cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe/Premium Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke reviews at have categorically explained the numerous products which are being manufactured by this e cig brand. At present, this brand is known to be manufacturing two distinct verities of electronic cigarettes, which in turn are categorized under two distinct starter kits. The first is termed as the Premium Starter Kit variety, while the other is termed as the Deluxe Starter Kit variety. Both these varieties are flawless in terms of technology and are catered to meet the requirements of different smoking enthusiasts the world over.


If you read the South Beach Smoke review at WhereTheresSmoke, you would realize that the details pertaining to both these starter kits are clearly mentioned. The Premium variety is a three piece e cig, which in turn includes a cartridge, a battery and an atomizer. Over here, the atomizer is a separate entity, owing to which the battery as well as the cartridge is separated from it. Hence, you need to change the cartridge, each time you start to puff this device.


The other variety is the Deluxe variety, which in turn is also termed as the two piece variety. South Beach Smoke reviews have clearly revealed that the Deluxe starter kits are highly advanced e cigs, which offer a splendid smoking extravaganza to smokers. The atomizer is inbuilt along with the cartridge, which in turn ensures that each time a cartridge is replaced; the user would have the privilege of relishing a new atomizer. This also ensures that the hassle of keeping a close watch over the atomizer is grossly minimized. A separate atomizer is therefore not required in this starter kit variety.