Smoking is a habit which is not only addictive but also fatal for the health of the concerned individual. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why people from all walks of lives, including those who are habitual of smoking several cigarette packets on a daily basis, would like to quit smoking permanently. Nonetheless, quitting smoking is not at all an easy feat and it involves a lot of sacrifices on the part of the smoker as well as his family members and at times, even his close friends. Quitting cigarettes is not at all an easy task and at times, people need to spend several years in simply ensuring that their bad habit is completely removed. They try methods such as hypnotherapy, de-addiction centers, nicotine patches as well as gum but in most cases, they are simply unable to achieve success. This in turn propels them to head back to their bad ways and start to smoke cigarettes once again.

There are several reasons why people take to smoking cigarettes. While some smokers smoke cigarettes simply because they feel good, other smoke cigarettes in a bid to fight stress. Then there are a few who smoke cigarettes n a bid to show off in front of their peers. The reasons why people smoke cigarettes can be plenty, yet not many smoking enthusiasts are able to understand the true nature of their smoking habits. If only they come to realize why they smoke cigarettes, they can actually help curtail their habits. In most cases, it has been noticed that smokers who have tried to quit their habits have returned rather disappointed as their de-addiction methods have proved to be rather expensive and their overall experience rather frustrating. It is not just the nicotine content which makes these cigarettes highly addictive, the fact remains that the chemicals used in making a cigarette accentuate the nicotine potency by over 35 times.

It has been reported that a single cigarette contains over 100 milligrams of nicotine when it is lit. It has been noted that while a cigarette contains only 4 milligrams of nicotine, when it is lit, the potency of nicotine magnifies and this in turn causes severe addiction amongst smokers. It has also been noted that smoking pills such as Chantix also contain nicotine blocking properties but they are simply not good for the human body as they block nicotine transmission to the human brain, thereby making the concerned smoker bored as well as listless. Some smokers are also known to try using Hypnosis, in their daily regime. It has been noticed that Hypnosis is best suited for those smokers who have already quit smoking regular cigarettes and are now seeking ways and means of ensuring that they do not start smoking ever again. Ideally, Hypnosis is not at all suited for those individuals who are still smoking tobacco and are seeking ways and means of quitting permanently.

As per several research studies, it has been ascertained that smokers from across the globe have started to opt for an electronic cigarette. Apparently, an e cigarette is seen as a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes and these devices are being puffed on a daily basis by those individuals who are habitual of smoking several packs of cigarettes daily. An electric cigarette is a battery operated device which delivers nicotine hit to the concerned smoker without causing any harm to the body. In fact, an e cig is devoid of nicotine and it also does not contain tobacco. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives prefer puffing on an e cig rather than the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.