Smoking is a plague which has enveloped billions of individuals the world over. While a majority of them happen to be smokers, many also happen to be those unlucky few who do not smoke but have to suffer the offensive second hand smoke on a regular basis. Stress can be defined by people in their own ways as the level of stress which is actually considered stressful actually varies from one person to another. Nonetheless, as per reports, it has been found that people who seem to be stressed owing to their financial issues or family matters are ironically known to smoke more cigarettes in a single day.

smoking and stress are partners in crime

It is therefore vital to understand that stress is directly linked to smoking cigarettes and is undoubtedly the leading cause behind propelling smokers to smoke more and more cigarettes on a daily basis. This is when the need to counter stress in a bid to put a hold on smoking cigarettes needs to be put in place. Apparently, the main cause for stress is lack of income and this is what propels people to get into the awful habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Apparently, to be able to get out of this situation, you should follow a balanced lifestyle, wherein you need to keep a firm hold over your credit expenditure and never allow it to exceed your income.

The second biggest reason which has been known to cause stress in humans is family problems or the so called social issues. Sibling rivalries or parental pressures or even partners not being habitual to be in healthy relationships, can lead to excessive stress which in turn may force you to smoke more cigarettes than necessary. The basic solution to this problem is to ensure that you start having conversations with all those who live in your family. By adopting a communicative approach, you shall be able to overcome all your social issues and keep a firm tab over your stress levels. Once this happens then your smoking urge would also be drastically reduced.

Apparently, smoking cannot be stopped, as it is highly addictive in nature. This is why electronic cigarettes need to be smoked instead of the deadly tobacco laden cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is free from tobacco and it is also smokeless in nature and therefore, it is considered to be ideal for the chain smoker. In fact, even new smokers should be smoking e cigarettes instead of the traditional ones.