It has been officially proven that the total number of lung cancer deaths that are directly liked to cigarette smoking have reduced drastically ever since the governments of various countries have started to adopt stricter anti smoking programs. The Journal of National Cancer Institutes is of the opinion that ever since government authorities have started to impose the ban on smoking regular cigarettes in public places, an increase in the excise duties on tobacco products as well as an increase in the public awareness pertaining to the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes, more and more individuals have begun to realize that cigarette smoking is to be avoided at all costs.

Between 1975 and the year 2000, such anti smoking campaigns have actually helped reducing over 800,000 lung cancer deaths. With the number of individuals who smoke cigarettes and suffer from several severe ailments on the rise with each passing day, the efforts on the part of the government authorities as well as the society, to help chain smokers quit smoking cigarettes has increased fourfold.  This is one of the main reasons why smokers have been asked to pay more attention towards watching television programs as well as reading print articles that highlight the plight of those smoking enthusiasts who have suffered owing to their awful habit of smoking cigarettes.

It has been noticed that when smokers are smoking cigarettes in front of their family members, they often leave a negative impact on the minds of their children. Apparently, children learn lessons from their parents and when they see their parents smoking tobacco cigars, they too get prompted to try the same. This is how most teenagers take up smoking cigarettes as a hobby, which later transforms into a chain smoking spree. Anti smoking organizations are of the opinion that is tobacco smoking is to be reduced, then stringent anti smoking laws would have to be put in place and the governments of most countries would have to spend ample time researching for ways and means by which tobacco smoking could be minimized.

Besides the rise in healthcare bills, smoking is also known to destroy families. As smokers often spend a substantial part of their monthly earnings in trying to satisfy their natural cravings, it has been noticed that conflicts within the family are a common affair. At times, such conflicts take an ugly turn, which in turn force several families to break apart. This aggravates the already disturbed social set up and leads to an increase in divorces, besides of course, causing a lot of mental stress for both the smoker as well as those who are associated with him/her.

An electronic cigarette is often considered a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. As an e cigarette is a smokeless device which is also free from tobacco, smoking enthusiasts prefer puffing on them instead of tobacco cigarettes. At the same time, it has also been noticed that an electric cigarette is a way cheaper alternative to satisfy your nicotine urges. Hence, e cigs can also be enjoyed by the budget conscious smokers. Finally, an e cig is also a device that can be puffed in public places.