Cigarette smoking is on the rise and each passing day witnesses countless new individuals being added to the existing number of smokers. It is very evident that the ill effects of smoking a regular cigarette are immense and this in turn is known to adversely affect smokers as well as innocent passive smokers.

While smokers directly reel under the after effects of smoking regular cigarettes and are known to suffer from several chronic ailments including cancer and cardiac arrests, the fact also remains that passive smokers too suffer from asthmatic infections as well as cancers as well as cardiac issues, owing to the highly offensive second hand smoke that emits from tobacco filled cigars.

This is when the need to make a switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes becomes a necessity of sorts.

e cigarette So, what changes can you expect by doing so?

 As cigarette smoking is on a rise and it seems to be adding in more members with each passing day, the fact remains that opting for a more suitable smoking alternative is via the mechanism of electronic cigarettes. So, here is a list of the changes that you (as a smoker) can hope to experience when you switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes:

A Clean Pair of Hands- Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking enthusiasts are always seeking ways and means of achieving a clean pair of hands, as the ash as well as tobacco content present in a regular cigarette, often stains the palms and makes them dark in color. When you puff e cigarettes, your hands are relatively stain free and you can easily hope to be free from the awful tobacco smell, thereby ensuring that you can enjoy a firm handshake with your friends at all times.

Sparkling White Teeth- As the best cheap electronic cigarettes lack harsh chemicals and bleaches, they do not adversely affect the human teeth, which is quite contrary to traditional cigarettes. Hence, when you puff the best cheap e cigarettes, you do not need to worry about showing your stained teeth to the public and hence, you can smile confidently at all times. Now, you shall also notice that when you smile, the entire world shall smile back at you.

The Hair Smell- Without a shadow of a doubt, when you switch to smokeless cigarettes, your hair too shall start smelling nice and pleasant. This merely implies that you shall not have to worry too much about shampooing or conditioning your hair using a fragrant shampoo or a conditioner, as e cigarettes never leave behind a foul smell.

Flawless Complexion- In case you happen to be a regular smoker, then you shall also be aware of the fact that tobacco has a tendency of spoiling your complexion. It has also been ascertained and conformed that when you start to puff on an electronic cigarette, then your complexion becomes better.

Feeling Energetic- When you switch to smoke free cigarettes, you are well aware of the fact that you have decided to opt for a healthier alternative. Besides, the inflow of toxins within your body decreases drastically, resulting in the removal of toxins that are already present in your body. Hence, you end up feeling much more energetic and healthy.

Better Sense of Smell- It is a well known fact that cigarette smoking impairs your natural sense of smell. In a single tobacco cigarette, there are more than four thousand highly toxic chemicals, which include the deadly cancer causing carcinogens as well. As a result, when you switch to puffing electric cigarettes, you can be rest assured that you can experience better taste and ensure that you have a better sense of smell as well. After a while, you can be rest assured that your sense of smell shall be returning to normal.

Saving Time- Cigarette purchasing is a time consuming affair as it forces smokers to spend a lot of time shopping for cigarette packs on a periodical basis. Buying a regular pack of cigarettes ensures that you move out of your home and make a purchase, which in turn forces you to spend time. When you puff e cigarettes, you shall have ample time at hand, as you can purchase online.

Clearing of Toxins- When you smoke regular cigarettes, you have the distinct issue with special regards to the accumulation of toxins in the human body. Owing to this very reason, smokers usually develop health complications such as cancer, cardiac troubles as well as chronic respiratory tract infections. When you puff e cigs, you are allowing your body to detoxify itself in the most appropriate manner.

Better Acceptance- When you smoke regular cigarettes, then more often than not, passive smokers usually stay away from you. Nonetheless, when you are puffing electrical cigarettes, the lack of second hand smoke allows passive smokers to gel with you in a much better way.

A Lot of Savings- A pack of regular cigarettes costs $7.00 on an average in the United States, whereas a refill cartridge costs a meager $2.00 or $3.00 on an average. Both last the same amount of time. Hence, smokers smoking electric cigarettes have a better chance of saving their hard earned money as compared to those smokers who are still smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Without a shadow of a doubt, switching to electronic cigarettes shall result in positive results for the human body as well as for the environment as a whole.