According to a recent government survey, it has been revealed that in America, the teenage population is known to be smoking pot more than regular cigarettes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has been revealed that almost twenty three percent of all high school students in the United States smoke pot. In comparison, only eighteen percent of all teenagers were known to be smoking tobacco cigarettes. In recent years, it has been noticed that the total number of cigarette users have seen a steady decline whereas the number of marijuana users has always been fluctuating. While marijuana and cigarette usage has almost been the same, it was last year that marijuana usage far exceeded cigarette users in the United States. This of course was amongst the American teenage populace.

One of the main reasons which are being cited for the increment in the number of marijuana users is the false thought process amongst the teenage population wherein marijuana is considered to be safer than smoking tobacco cigars. The University of Michigan conducted a survey wherein they found that students in classes tenth and twelfth, showed considerable decline in their smoking habits, which in turn clearly showcased their lack of interest towards regular cigarettes. It was also found that the total number of teenage alcohol users in the United States declined drastically in the recent years. The report further stated that in the recent past, it was found that over 19% of teenagers were known to be driving their vehicles under the influence of marijuana.

While the total number of teenagers driving vehicles under the influence of marijuana has increased fourfold, the fact remains that most such teenagers stated that their driving ability was not impaired when they drove their vehicles under the influence of marijuana. According to the study, those teenagers who were habitual of listening to loud music were inclined to smoking marijuana and driving their vehicle under the influence of this drug. It has also been reported that one in every ten teenagers are habitual of smoking marijuana at least twenty times in a single month. Parents of teenagers were supposedly worried with regards to the eighty percent jump in teenage marijuana consumption. Apparently, teenagers in the ninth as well as the twelfth grades were susceptible of smoking pot more than any other graders.  

Nowadays, it has been noticed that smoking enthusiasts in their millions have realized he dangers associated with smoking regular cigarettes, owing to which, they have started to puff on electronic cigarette instead. While this is no excuse for teenagers, nonetheless, for adults, it has been highly recommended that puffing an e cigarette is a way better option than smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. Nonetheless, efforts are being made by the concerned government as well as non government authorities to ensure that marijuana consumption amongst the American teenage population is reduced.