An electronic cigarette can actually help you remain fit and healthy while allowing you to enjoy a thrilling smoke. This is quite a difficult statement to stomach, especially for those who have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. But for those individuals who simply cannot live without their daily dose of cigarettes, the thought of smoking a cigarette which does not contain tobacco is no less than a blessing in disguise. So, what are the main advantages for smoking an electronic cigarette? To know the answer, simply read on:

No Smoker’s Breath

The first advantage of smoking electric cigarettes is that you manage to enjoy the smoking sensation without letting loose the hideous and awful smelling “smoker’s breath”. The distinct advantage of smoking e cigs is that you never really need to bother about chewing a peppermint just to avoid your partner from running away after you’ve smoked tobacco. You need to understand that while an e cigarette allows you feel the “nicotine hit”, in reality, it is not a regular cigarette. It is a smokeless wonder which does not give rise to smoke and neither does it use a match to ignite. It is also completely free from tobacco.

Better Smoking Experience

When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you actually make use of a starter kit. The kit ideally contains a pack of cartridges, a rechargeable battery, a charger as well as a user manual. A single cartridge is equivalent to 20 regular cigarettes. Using these devices, you can have a better smoking experience without using tobacco and you can also ensure that you leave behind no more “smoking buts” and hence, help keep the environment clean and green.

You Save Money

When you compare the cost of smoking regular cigarettes with the cost of e cigarettes, you would notice that you end up saving a lot of money. A regular pack of cigarette costs $7.20 on an average while an electronic cigarette cartridge costs a meager $3. Both last the same amount of time. So, you actually end up saving 75% of your original cost by opting for electric cigarettes.

You Can Smoke Anywhere

The biggest advantage of opting for an e cigarette is the ability to smoke wherever you feel like. As compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, there is no ban on smoking e cigs. So, no matter whether you are attending a lecture, walking in a shopping mall, traveling in an airplane or speaking to your boss in your office, no one can stop you from smoking an electric cigarette.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and avoid being stricken with fatal diseases linked to the tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting Electronic Cigarettes TODAY!