AltSmoke e cig is a popular electronic cigarette brand. This brand is also known the world over for manufacturing affordable starter kits for those smokers who love to smoke cigarettes that are free from second hand smoke as well as tobacco. Nowadays, smokers have started to realize the dangers that are usually associated with smoking regular cigarettes owing to which they have begun smoking e cigarettes instead. Alt Smoke electric cigarettes manufacture all the essential products which a smoker needs to get started with smoking these electrical cigarettes.

Starter Kits:


AltSmoke manufactures four different kinds of starter kits.

AltSmoke Mega Dual Coil Starter Kit- This kit includes two batteries with blue led lights, three mega dual coil cartomizers, a charger, a USB adaptor and a black carry case that has a special zipper attached. This kit is available for $49.95. Apparently, this starter kit is considered to be perfect for those smokers who are habitual of smoking a pack of cigarettes or even less than a pack of cigarettes, on a daily basis.

The Type A Starter Kit- Also known as the Joye Ego-C starter kit, this product contains two batteries with a switch on/off mechanism, five atomizers, five tank cartridges, two atomizer bases, two Type A cones, a USB battery charger and a USB wall adaptor. The price of this starter kit is $79.95. This starter kit is typically meant for those smoking individuals who are habitual of smoking a pack or more than a pack of regular cigarettes on a daily basis.

The Joye eGo Starter Kit- This kit contains two batteries, two atomizers, five cartridges, a wall adaptor, a USB charger and an instructional manual. This kit is priced at $54.95 and the main reason why people use this kit is because it has several delicious flavors in the offering. This starter kit is once again meant for those smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily.

The eGo T Starter Kit- This kit is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most robust kits available in the industry. This kit includes two special batteries which have an on/off switch, two atomizers, five tanks, a USB battery charger and a USB wall adaptor. The price of this starter kit is pegged at $64.99. Without a shadow of a doubt, those smoking enthusiast who smoke a pack of cigarettes or more than a pack of cigarettes daily, should opt for this kit.

The AltLiquid E Liquid

The AltLiquid is basically meant for refilling the spent cartridges. The e-liquid is available in several delicious flavors and some of these include tobacco, menthol, fruit and beverages flavors.

The Accessories Collection

This brand is also known to be manufacturing several kinds of electric cigarette accessories. Some of these include chargers, atomizers, batteries, special charging cases, Tanks, USB PassThrough and the Yeti-510 cartridges.

The Final Verdict

Smoking enthusiasts from all over the world are often seeking the most desirable electronic cigarette brands that are available in the international market. While there are several electric cigarette review websites, which constantly evaluate and post reviews on e cigarette brands, unless and until the concerned smoker tries these starter kits, he/she would never really be able to ascertain the true worth of an electric cigarette brand.