The best electronic cigarette brand has always fascinated smokers from all across the globe, yet, the task of choosing the best e cigarette brand for the year 2013 is still a mystery for many. While making a wise selection, you need to ensure that you gather all possible facts pertaining to an e cigarette and you can do that only if you have access to the appropriate resources.

Top 3 Electronic Cigarette Brands 2013

a) V2 Cigs- The V2 Cigs electronic cigarette brand is the world’s #1 e cig manufacturer. The e cigarette starter kits as well as accessories manufactured by V2Cigs are considered the best in the smokeless niche in the year 2013.

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b) Green Smoke- The Green Smoke e cig brand is the #2 e cigarette brand in the year 2013. This brand is supposed to have introduced the two-piece design e cigarette.

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 c) South Beach Smoke- The South Beach Smoke the third best e cigarette brand for the year 2013. This electric cigarette brand is symbolic to celebrities and it boasts of some of the finest e cig starter kits in the smokeless niche today. 

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Sources to Seek

The most appropriate resources for getting hold of the best e cig are reading through the electronic cigarette reviews of various electric cigarette brands. Yes, you need to spend quality time reviewing the top electric cigarette brands available internationally. After reading reviews on the top 5 e cig brands for the year 2013, you can compare the e cig starter kits offered by all of them and choose the one that suits your personality the most.

Are E Cigarettes Good for You?

If you ask this question to e cigarette manufacturers, they would have same opinions, yet their emphasis would be on different aspects of an electronic cigarette. Here are a few common pointers that top electric cigarette brand owners have pointed out, with regards to the usage of an e cigarette and the advantages one may have, while puffing on these smokeless devices instead of the traditional cigarettes:

1) First and foremost, the biggest advantage of puffing an electric cigarette is the ability to continue smoking for the rest of your life. It should also be noted that while regular cigarette smoking is not permitted in airplanes and other public places, such as a restaurant, electronic cigarettes can be puffed in such places. This allows the smoking enthusiast to be free of all possible tensions as he/she is always able to fulfill his/her nicotine urge as and when the need arises. In fact, you can even smoke at your work place, without the hassle of your boss asking you to vacate your seat and rush to a special smoking zone. Hence, the first advantage of puffing the best e cig is the freedom to smoke almost anywhere.

2) Secondly, those smokers who simply do not have any aspirations of quitting cigarettes, especially owing to the nicotine hit that they relish, can always opt for a more suitable alternative- e cigs. A cheap electronic cigarette is devised in such a manner that it helps you inhale liquid nicotine, without forcing you to inhale tobacco as well as tar, as these are non existent in e cigs. A few specialists are of the opinion that by making a switch to e cigarettes, a regular smoker can considerably reduce the harm caused by a regular tobacco filled cigarette.

3) Last but not the least, some specialists are also of the opinion that electric cigarettes may actually help smoking enthusiasts turn into non smokers. This is owing to the ability of e cigs to satisfy the nicotine cravings in smokers, without forcing them to inhale toxic fumes in the act.

The Best E Cigs are a Suitable Smoking Alternative

According to Madhukar Yadav, director at, “If you happen to be a smoker, you must be aware that smoking cigarettes is harmful for your health. Hence, if a device can help meet your nicotine expectations without forcing you to inhale toxic fumes and exhale smoke, it may prove to be a better alternative. A cheap e cigarette contains propylene glycol, flavors and it may or may not contain nicotine. On the other hand, a regular cigarette contains PEG, over four thousand chemicals, almost forty five carcinogens and nicotine.”

With almost 50 million individuals across the globe dependent on nicotine, it is suggested that they opt for a more suitable nicotine delivery system than traditional tobacco laden cigarettes. This is where the best electric cigarettes come into picture and act as your savior. Nonetheless, it should be noted that cheap e cigarettes cannot be considered as a smoking cessation device and it should also be noted that these smokeless devices should not be used by minors.

Cheap Electric Cigarette and Pollution

According to experts, an e cig is relatively pollution free and most even claim this device to be environmental friendly, especially when compared with a pack of traditional cigarettes. First and foremost, these devices do not emit smoke, which in turn render them less polluting in nature. When you puff on an electric cigarette, you release a smoke like substance, which in reality is water vapor and this substance quickly dissipates into the atmosphere. At the same time, when you throw an empty cartridge into the trash can, you can compare it with twenty or more spent cigarette butts thrown on the road or sidewalks. Hence, when compared to traditional cigarettes, the best electric cigarette is undoubtedly less polluting and more suitable for the environmentally friendly lot.


When the question revolves around choosing the best electronic cigarette brand 2013, then the answer shall be to read through product reviews posted on authority websites and then determine for yourself, which e cig brand is best suited to fulfill your needs. Without a shadow of a doubt, popular electronic cigarette review websites also have a mechanism using which, they are able to rate e cigarette brands on the basis of their performance as well as popularity worldwide. A top 10 e cigarette brands chart has been placed at to allow smokers to choose from amongst only the best e cig brands 2013.

As far as making a choice between a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes and an electric cigarette is concerned, then as you are an adult, the choice lies completely in your own hands. After reading through this article, you may have realized the pros and cons of smoking cigarettes and you may have also realized whether it is more appropriate to smoke a regular cigarette or opt for an electric cigarette instead. Last but not the least, it is undoubtedly clear that the final choice lies completely with you and only after you have ascertained the necessary facts pertaining to all the possible aspects of cigarettes, shall you be able to make the correct decision with regards to your chosen smoking device.