As a part of our research on e cigarettes we found so many users already glued in, and quite loyally so, to using the blu cigs; while so many others joining the group and expanding it each day! Though that said pretty much about the product, we still thought it would be best to reach out to the bottom of all this.

So, we presented the blu Cigarette sans its original packaging to the panel of reviewers. We intended to chuck out any unintended bias that could have crept in the reviewers’ opinions, considering the immense popularity and brand image of the blu Cigarette.

Ok, getting to the findings of the review now; it needs to be mentioned that the very packaging of blu cigarette has a unique character to it that makes the users relate to it.

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The pricing is the next USP. Users actually find $69.95 for a starter kit to be very feasible considering the quality that this 100% U.S made e-cigarette offers. Here is what we got as a part of the starter pack:

A blu Pack that could hold up to 5 cartridges and even charge batteries ‘on the go’.

5 cartridges of different flavors and strengths(we picked a full-flavored (16 mg tobacco content) pack each of all flavors, and two for the Classic Tobacco version)

2 rechargeable, extremely light weight lithium batteries

Wall charger

A USB Charger

Several reviewers pointed out that despite giving out high-quality concentrated vapors, each cartridge lasted for about 200-300 puffs, which is quite substantial and impressive! This plus could have been passed on owing to the revamped atomizer-included cartridge design introduced by the manufacturer. So, the one-piece look is not just aesthetically pleasing but gives out better and more vapor too!

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Another interesting feature that we feel is worth bringing to notice is the “on-the-go” charging option that blu cigs come with. The newest kits come with a one-of-its-kind carrying case that can be used to charge batteries while on the move. This is a boon for a heavy smoker who hates being stranded out of cigarette stock in tough situations.

Other Add-On Bonuses from blu that shall prove beneficial to the buyers include:

Free Shipping and Handling

365 Days Money-Back Warranty

30 Day Full Money Repayment Guarantee

FDA Approved Products

Easy to carry, light weight batteries

Great after-sales support

P.S: It is advisable to pick up a newer model of the blu e-cigarette kit since these come invested with better technology, which means more vapor, easier drags, fewer missed puffs and better taste!

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