If you are an individual who is habitual of smoking regular cigarettes and you would like to make a switch over to puffing electronic cigarettes, then you need to be very careful, as the transition may not be as simple as it seems. Just like any other mechanism, your body shall take a while to adapt itself to the sudden change, which at times may also lead to some side effects. Nonetheless, most of these are temporary in nature and they soon wean away with time. Here are a few of the main ones that you may or may not experience (depending upon person to person), when you switch from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes:

e cigarette side effects

Irritation in the Throat

You may experience congestion in your throat area, sputum as well as phlegm and you may also feel the need to clear your throat on a regular basis. Apparently, the cilia lining which is present within your throat, shall force the tar as well as the mucus content which is stuck within your throat to clear, thereby causing the coughing sprees. With the aid of phlegm, the tar as well as the muck that has been accumulated onto your throat lining owing to tobacco cigarettes, gets washed away. This is a good sign as your body is in the process of cleaning itself and this may take a week or even a month, to clear out completely. To aid the cleansing process, you should drink lots of warm water.

Common Cold as well as Hoarseness

Another symptom that you may experience is common cold as well as hoarseness and the main reason why your voice sounds hoarse is because the tissues in your throat are regenerating themselves. In order to provide some relief to your throat, you need to drink lots of warm water. Alternatively, you may like to suck some lozenges as well, in a bid to clear your throat areas. Alternatively, chain smokers opting for e cigs also suffer from common cold and this happens owing to the very simple fact that the body is trying to rid itself of toxins that have been accumulated owing to tobacco cigarette smoking. Once again, this lasts a short time and in order to tide over it, you aught to drink lots of water and take multivitamin tablets.

Acne Hiccups and Ulcers in the Mouth

Whenever you notice tiny legions that are usually located within the roof of your mouth, the sides of your inner cheeks, or on the sides of your tongue, you can be rest assured that these are owing to the fresh tissue that is growing within your mouth. Tobacco cigarettes are toxic in nature. Hence, your mouth builds defensive tissue to fight against it. When you switch to electric cigarettes, the old tissue slides away, giving rise to ulcers. You should cleanse your mouth with fresh water a couple of times, in a bid to get over this infection. Hiccups are also common as smokers may hold the vapor content while inhaling within their mouth, thereby forcing it down your stomach region via the saliva. To avoid this, simply inhale the vapor. The occurrence of quit zits is also a possibility in this case, as the body is trying to rid itself of the harmful toxins caused by tobacco cigarettes.

Insomnia Headache and Dizziness

You may also experience mild headaches when you make a switch from regular cigarettes to e cigs. This is owing to the nicotine fluctuations that your body tends to undergo. While some of you may be consuming more than your regular intake of nicotine, others may be consuming less than your usual nicotine consumption, which is why your mild headaches would last a few days and then stop, once your body has gotten accustomed to these fluctuations. You may also feel insomniac, owing to the caffeine sensitivity that your body undergoes during this phase. Try to drink less coffee or tea during this period and try several nicotine levels before settling for the most appropriate one.

 Muscle Aches, Diarrhea and Gas

When you start to puff electronic cigarettes, your body starts to pass oxygen to lesser known areas, which in turn leads to aches and pains in the muscle groups. This is supposed to be a positive sign as now your body is ridding itself of all the toxins that it has accumulated in the past and these cramps usually last a few days before disappearing completely. In case you are suffering from dehydration owing to the e cigarette ingredients, simply drink lots of water to remain hydrated at all times. In case you are suffering from gas or indigestion, you should opt for those e cig cartridges that are using vegetable based glycerin and not propylene glycol in their e-liquids. You may also like to avoid gastric foods such as cabbage or even beans.


While it may be correct to state that smokers suffer from certain side effects when they switch from regular cigarettes to e cigs, the fact also remains that these symptoms are short lived and they are a clear indicator that your health is getting better.