An Overview:

Cigana e cigarette brand is yet another enterprising electronic cigarettes manufacturer to have entered the e-smoking niche. Without a shadow of a doubt, the main reason why smokers are opting for e cigs is because these devices are free from the highly offensive second hand smoke, ash or any foul odor, which is symbolic to regular cigarettes. Cigana electronic cigarette brand is ideally manufacturing diverse starter kits various e cigarette accessories, which are considered mandatory for ensuring that smokers from across the globe avail a thrilling and fulfilling experience while puffing on Cigana e cigarettes.

Starter Kits:

Cigana electric cigarettes are basically involved in manufacturing four different kinds of starter kits for serious smokers. These starter kits are available in the Elite, the Hybrid, Ultra1 and the USB categories.


Elite Starter Kit- The Elite category of starter kits includes the Elite Basic Package which is priced at $149.99, the Gold Package which is priced at $199.99 and the Ultra Package which is priced at $299.99.

Cigana Hybrid Starter Kit- The Hybrid Starter Kit is priced at $39.99 and it includes a battery, five cartridges, an atomizer, as well as a hybrid box charger. Apparently, this kit was earlier priced at $79 but now it is being offered at an attractive discount of $39.

Cigana Ultra1 Starter Kit– The Cigana Ultra1 Kit comprises of a single electronic cigarette, which in turn resembles a normal cigarette. This disposable electric cigarette is equivalent to an entire pack of regular cigarettes and as per the company spokesperson; it is a delight for those who travel frequently. The disposable e cig comprises of a battery and a cartridge. The battery is made of lithium ion and it comprises of a microprocessor and a pressure switch. The e cigarette contains a cover and a LED light. The cartridge contains a special fluid chamber, which contains an atomizer element.

Cigana USB Starter Kits- The Cigana USB Starter Kits are available in three different categories. The first is the USB Starter Kit, priced at $49.99, the second is the USB Starter Kit with a Gold Package, priced at $99.99 and the last is the USB Starter Kit with an Ultra Package, priced at $249.99.

Flavors and Assorted Cartridges

Cigana e cigarettes are known to be manufacturing several delicious flavors, which in turn are fed into the nicotine cartridges. Some of the top flavors include Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla, Tobacco, Almond, Apple, Light Tobacco and Menthol. Smokers also have the privilege of choosing the Assorted Pack, wherein they get 40 cartridges of their choicest flavors for a meager $119.99.

Cigana Accessories

Cigana electronic cigarette brand manufactures all the essential e cigarette accessories to satisfy the urge of smoking enthusiasts the world over. Of the various accessories manufactured here, the USB Passthrough is quite famous. The USB Passthrough is a perfect device for those smokers who are habitual of puffing their electronic cigarette while working on their computers. Simply plug this device to your laptop’s USB port and continue puffing for hours, even as you work on your personal computer.

The Final Verdict

Cigana e cigarette is a brand which is focused on manufacturing starter kits as well as e cigarette accessories of various kinds. Apparently, this is to ensure that smokers from all walks of lives are able to relish a thrilling smoke each time they start to puff on the Cigana e cigs. As per the elite review panel at, in order to judge whether this brand is best suited to fulfill your needs, simply try their basic USB Starter Kit.