While most countries across the globe allow smoking enthusiasts to continue smoking cigarettes that are smoke free in nature at public places, one such county in the United States of America that goes by the name of Contra Costa County, has imposed a ban on the usage of e cigarettes in their area. Smokers, who were earlier quite happy and thrilled at the prospect of smoking e cigs at public places within the county region, are now in for a big disappointment. Even electric cigarette retailers are in for a shock as they would now need to procure a tobacco retailer license before selling smokeless cigarettes in the area.

Electronic Cigarette Ban in the Contra Costa County 

An e cig is a device that contains nicotine and it permits smokers to experience the true flavor off smoking a real cigarette but it does not contain the thousands of harsh chemicals that are always present in traditional cigarettes. This personal vaporizer is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most affordable and optimal means of satisfying your smoking urges. This is owing to the very simple fact that electric cigarettes are priced lesser than regular cigarettes and they allow smokers to save a third of their smoking bills. Apparently, the lack of carcinogens and the ability to allow smokers to save their hard earned money has permitted smoking enthusiast to opt for e cigs and shun regular cigarettes.


It has also been noticed that the state of California prohibits the sale of e cigs to those smokers who fall under the age group of eighteen years. Nonetheless, apart from this, there is no other law that actually prohibits the usage of e cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has very little information on e cigarettes, owing to which, the county superiors were left with no option but to try and impose a ban on the usage of electric cigarettes in public places.  


According to Mary Jaccodine, an active participant of the Tobacco Prevention Coalition, “By permitting people to smoke e cigs in public we are creating a notion that smoking cigarettes is a socially acceptable habit, which is incorrect. This also allows people to think that e cigs are harmless commodities.”