An e cigarette is a device that has given birth to a smoking medium that is second to none, owing to which, more and more chain smokers, who were earlier habitual of smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, have begun to puff e cigs instead. Hence, it is very evident that the popularity of electric cigarettes has indeed increased several folds in the past few years. It is also interesting to note that with the increase in electronic cigarette consumption, the levels of environmental pollution have dipped drastically. Especially when compared with the environmental pollution cause by regular cigarettes, e cigarettes prove to be almost non-polluting in nature and hence, they are planet friendly devices.

 Green Smoke E Cig  Recycle Program

It is a well known fact that regular tobacco filled cigarettes not only cause pollution by emitting thousands of highly toxic chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, they also give rise to land pollution of extreme levels, by leaving behind residue in the form of spent cigarette packs. In fact, cigarette butts thrown carelessly by hundreds of millions of smokers on a daily basis, lead to the accumulation of highly toxic waste matter onto the earth’s surface, which in turn is the primary cause for several diseases spreading via the mechanism of environmental pollution. On the contrary, when you are puffing an electric cigarette, you are not involving cigarette packs made from paper. Hence, not only are you saving your environment from land pollution, you are also saving hundred of millions of trees that are cut in order to make paper.


In a recent development, Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand has initiated a special recycling program, which shall recycle spent cartridges thereby completely minimizing the chances of a possible environmental pollution. As per the green smoke spokesperson, when the customer has accumulated 80 spent green smoke e cig cartridges, he/she simply need to call the company and seek a recycle for the same. The green smoke e cigarette brand would then procure those cartridges via the free shipping mechanism and reward the concerned customer with twenty five loyalty points, which in turn are equivalent to $16.97. This amount can be used to get hold of a pack of FlavorMax cartomizers. The customer can choose the nicotine strength as well as the nicotine level.


Many people across the globe, especially environmentalists have expressed their happiness at this scheme as not only does it helps save the environment it also encourages smokers to adopt a more suitable means of fulfilling their nicotine cravings.