If you ask us to name the most aesthetically pleasing yet quality embedded e-cig we ever came across during our extensive trails and reviews, Electronic Cigarettes Inc. would bag the award without an iota of doubt!

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Electronic Cigarettes Inc. offers e-cigs under several categories ranging from the Vapor King series(covering the refillable e-cigs offerings from Electronic Cigarettes Inc.) to the Amerismoke (with greater battery charge potential) and Duo Pro series (which is a two-piece cigarette with disposable cartomizers). Then, there is also the SmokePass series, which covers disposable products.


We found the pricing for Electronic Cigarettes Inc. to be pretty affordable and were glad to see that the manufacturer took care of catering to all budgetary needs. The disposable version starts at a mere $14.95 (which is even less than a single pack of ignitable cigarettes, Commendable!) and goes upto $79.95 for the Duo Pro starter kit. The price of course shoots up with each additional accessory added to the kit for extra utility.


As far as the cartridges go, these have to be bought as per the starter kit chosen and must be compatible to that. Some cartridges do come with the kit (well, with most kits!) but we’d advise the buyers to choose an Electronic Cigarettes Inc. starter pack post considering the prices of the cartridges they’d have to purchase for it beforehand. The Vapor King Cartridge range costs $1.99 per cartridge, while those compatible with the Duo Pro range are steeper and come at $2.99 per piece and the e-liquid refillable versions cost even lesser that $1 per cartridge refill. The choice between refill and disposable cartridges must also be considered in advance. More so, if you are a flavor savvy person since some flavors are exclusive of these categories.

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The cartridges come in the following flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cuban Cigar, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherry. The choice with refillable e-liquid flavors is more extensive and ranges from Tobacco, Cherry, Strawberry, Menthol and Vanilla to Cappuccino, Apple and Chocolate flavors.

Nicotine strength of the cartridges can be chosen depending upon personal taste and preferences.


Battery prices and effectiveness vary from range to range. We ordered the Vapor King range and the battery option for it is pretty affordably pegged at $19.95. The performance of the battery has turned out to be great so far and we have not felt the need for a refill as yet. On a general note, expecting 300+ puffs from a single fully charged battery is normal and quite realistic.


Whether or not the starter pack you bought from Electronic Cigarettes Inc. came with all-utility chargers, you can choose amidst the following accessory options as per your convenience:

Vapor King Car Charger

Vapor King USB Charger

Vapor King Home Outlet Charger

Duo Pro Car Charging Adapter

Duo Pro Wall Charger

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. would be our recommendation for you if you are looking for a complete package with plentiful options to try and choose amongst, good quality products and pocket friendly offers!

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