Now this one truly emerged out to be the electronic cigarette for everyone. eSmoke floored us by its statistics alone, even before we could carry out trials for it! eSmoke brand of electronic cigarettes are manufactured and tested in the U.S and the manufacturers seem to take extreme pride in that. The quality and performance of these cigarettes is top-notch as per the manufacturer’s claims and they have proper research work by their side to back up their claims. This is one good thing we found about eSmoke.

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Coming back to our remark that eSmoke has something to offer for everyone, the wide range of starter kits put up on offer at the company site say it all!

  There are eSmoke disposable kits with their price pegged at a meager $16.95. These are for the first time smokers of these e-cigs and provide an idea of what to expect from eSmoke and e-cigs as a whole at a rock bottom budget.

  Then there is the eSmoke Sensation range which is again quite reasonably priced and has various reusable starter kit combinations for the e-smokers. The express kit under this range comes at an unbelievable price of $49.95, and added utilities can shoot up the prices at a maximum of $99.95 for the advanced starter kit.

  Those who have a knack for (and can afford) quality and luxury and settle for thing but the perfect, have an option of choosing the most advanced eSmoke offering called the Pro range. The Pro Express Starter Kit is the most basic in this range and comes at $129.95, while the Pro XXL Starter Kit is pegged at $249.95 and comprises anything and everything that an e-smoker could ask for!

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eSmoke cartridges can be refilled with the eJuice that comes in an array of flavors like Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, Apple, Strawberry, Chocolate and Tobacco M, and in 5 different nicotine strengths– to be picked up as per the user’s preference. We ordered a sampler pack for obvious reasons and got assorted cartridge strengths and flavors.

The company offers lifetime warranty on parts like chargers and rechargeable batteries(which is pretty sensible and straight-forward on the provider’s part, since other parts are generally disposable and need no replacements). Then, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee for all eSmoke products too.

The shipping is however not free, but that is understandable considering the nominal prices that these cigarettes come at. The delivery was nonetheless speedy and we got the contents in prim shape through United States Postal Service in 48 hours of placing the order!

This is certainly covers a wider range of customers than a selected niche and deserves our recommendation every inch thus!

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