A Brief Overview:


The Elektric Blue electronic cigarette is a brand which is focused on providing a suitable alternative to the traditional smoking methods. The biggest advantage of smoking Elektric Blue e cigarettes is that they are free from ash, tar and tobacco and also because they produce water vapor, which in turn is harmless in nature. Not only are these e cigarette cheaper than traditional cigarettes, they are also eco friendly and they are known to contain no trace of cancer casing chemicals which are usually found in regular cigarettes. There is no trace of bad odor on the clothes as well as the breath and smokers have the privilege of relishing various flavors, which in turn are available in different nicotine strengths.


The Elektric Blue Starter Kit


The Elektric Blue Starter Kit contains two fully rechargeable batteries, an atomizer, an AC wall charger and six regular strength cartridges. All the cartridges are available in tobacco flavor. It is interesting to note that the battery lasts for over one hundred and fifty puffs and each cartridge is equivalent to fifteen regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, smokers can also opt for flavors such as Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee and Cherry, instead of the traditional Tobacco flavor. This kit is priced at $28.88.


The Stop Smoking Package


The Elektric Blue brand is also known to be manufacturing the specially designed Stop Smoking Package for those smokers who are seriously opting to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. This special package is a 16 week program, which is meant for both light as well as heavy smokers. As per the company spokesperson, this program has actually helped thousands of smokers in quitting smoking. The entire package is being provided at a 30% discounted price.


This package includes a starter kit, two rechargeable batteries, an atomizer, an AC wall adapter and six cartridges. The cartridges include a pack of 20 high (16mg) tobacco flavored cartridge, a pack of 20 light (7mg) and a 20 pack of 0mg nicotine strength cartridges. You also get an extra atomizer, a USB charger and a special carry case. The concept behind this pack is to allow heavy smokers to leave cigarettes by reducing the nicotine content present in their cigarettes in a gradual manner. The special Stop Smoking Package is pegged at $104.90.


Elektric Blue Accessories


This brand is also known to be manufacturing several essential electronic cigarette accessories. Some of these include the special carry case, a charger, batteries, as well as atomizers. All these accessories are affordably priced and an effort is done to ensure that they are provided to the smokers on a timely basis, via a prompt and responsive shipping mechanism.


The Final Verdict


The Elektric Blue electronic cigarette brand is ideal for those smokers who are opting to quit smoking regular cigarettes and then opt for e cigarettes. To find out how good their starter kit is, it is best suited for the concerned smoker to try it out. The elite review panel at tech-cigarette.com suggests that smokers try out the basic starter kit which is manufactured by Elektric Blue e cigarette brand.