The EZ Smoker  is a relatively new brand to have made its presence felt in the international smoking scene. Like most other brands of e cigarettes, the EZ Smoker too has managed to meet the essential requirements, which the e-smoking niche has from its prospective smoking enthusiasts. This brand also claims that its electronic cigarette starter kits are free from ash, smoke, tar, tobacco as well as the deadly carbon monoxide gas. All these products are known to plague regular cigarettes, owing to which smokers have started to quit traditional cigars and opt for e cigs instead.

The Perfect Alternative

As per the company spokespersons at EZ Smoker, the main motto behind introducing the electronic cigarettes starter kit was to allow smokers to smoke cigarettes freely and be rest assured that while doing so, they would never have to bother about emitting second hand smoke, tar, ash, fumes and other harmful gasses, which are symbolic to traditional cigarettes. The e cigarettes manufactured here are made to resemble regular cigarettes in terms of the size and the length of the device, yet in terms of functionality, they are quite different. The company spokesperson also went on to state that these electronic cigarettes allow smokers to relish the taste and feel of real cigarettes without causing the harmful side effects which are usually linked to traditional cigarettes.

The Starter Kit

The starter kit manufactured by EZ Smoker is perfect for those who are considering quitting smoking real cigarettes and instead opting for electronic cigarettes. At the present moment, the company is providing a free electric cigarette to all those smoking enthusiasts who would like to try this brand out. Apparently, this e cig allows smoking enthusiasts to puff over 300 times in a single go. For just $9.95, the company shall dispatch a free e cigarette for you to try.

Other Special Offers

EZ Smoker is equipping its electric cigarettes with a mechanism, which is also termed as an automatic switch. This in turn allows the e cig to shut itself off when not in use. You can also club the free e cigarette offer with a pack of 30 cartridges, wherein you need to pay $9.95 and avail 30 cartridges and a battery charger. This allows you to save over $280.

You also have the advantage of clubbing the free EZ Smoker cigarette with a 15 pack cartridge. Here, you need to pay a meager $9.95 as well as the shipping and handling charges and you can take home a free charger, 15 refill cartridges as well as an e cigarette. This deal allows you to save $140.

Smokers can also opt for the free EZ Smoker e cigarette and club it with a pack of 4 cartridges. This offer saves you $20 and helps you take home an EZ Smoker electronic cigarette, a pack of four refill cartridges and a battery charger.

The Final Verdict:

EZ Smoker is without a shadow of a doubt, an electronic cigarette brand which is committed for the welfare of smokers. To be able to judge the overall quality of its electronic cigarette, we suggest that you opt for their free trial offer.